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Nintendo Switch NAT Type C Solution

2020-04-28 15:55:30

Recently I purchased a Nintendo Switch and wanted to be able to play online with friends. After running the Internet test and seeing that the Switch determined my network ...

Automatically Organize/Compile Blackboard C++ Files

2016-09-15 10:06:37

If you're like me and you teach C++ courses that use Blackboard as the file submission method you've probably wanted to smash your computer as you've graded the students' code. ...

Canon Pixma MX882 on CentOS Linux

2014-12-01 08:43:11

My sister didn't need her printer from college anymore and my parents wanted to use it on the spare laptop that I configured with CentOS 6.5. Normally, on Linux, ...

Deconstructing K.E.V.I.N.

2013-06-26 14:03:51

Ever since I started teaching I have always dreaded one aspect of lab classes, OS installation. It takes forever. You have to have the right CDs/DVDs, drivers, and ...
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Hot-Add NIC in Ubuntu on VMWare

2013-06-07 10:23:06

Sometimes downtime is unacceptable, even if that downtime is only the 10 seconds it takes for a virtual server to reboot. I recently ran into the situation where I ...

Closing Ports on Linux

2013-04-10 12:05:59

Recently in my web server class I talked about things you can do to secure your machine. One of those things was detecting open ports and figuring out how ...

iOS6 Maps: The Media Is Wrong

2012-09-25 10:12:49

Since the introduction of iOS6 last week, many articles have been written (most by people who have never used iOS6) about what a complete #FAIL iOS6 Maps is. To ...

Roll Your Own Cloud With Tonido

2012-07-11 14:04:49

Have you ever been away from home and thought to yourself, "Crap! I wish I could get some files on my computer at home." If you're anything like ...

Ubuntu Sucks!

2012-05-24 07:59:14

:facepalm: I think that is the only appropriate way to start this post. Maybe it would have been better if I used the Picard image. Oh well, opportunity missed. ...

City Events Website

2012-05-01 07:27:58

In case you didn't see my Facebook post ( I recently became frustrated while reading the May issue of Johnstown Magazine (being frustrated with the magazine itself is another issue, this ...

I'm With Woz!

2012-03-21 09:36:00

I was on the TWiT website downloading the newest episode of MacBreak Weekly when I decided to click on the Inside TWiT link to see if any new behind-the-scenes stuff ...
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Journey To The Past

2012-03-19 09:55:07

On March 18th I went on a little scavenger hunt. I thought it would be nice to have pictures of the gravestones of the deceased members of my family ...

GetGo With The Program!

2012-03-14 09:36:43

How many of you get your gas from GetGo? All of you, right? Why wouldn't you? You shop for groceries at Giant Eagle and earn FuelPerks then ...

Slonkast Episode 44

2011-12-27 22:32:38

Name: Slonkast Episode 44 Artist: Kevin J. Slonka, Ryan Lantzy, Matt Hunt Album: Slonkast Year: 2011 Genre: Podcast Comments: Tech giant a sleaze bag, cell carriers record your every move, the law that could end ...

The Sing-Off: A Lesson In Jumping The Shark

2011-11-29 09:31:02

Over the past 10 years, those of us with an interest in music or simply an interest in reality television have been subject to many shows that promise the "next ...
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Slonkast Episode 43

2011-10-13 19:40:06

Name: Slonkast Episode 43 Artist: Kevin J. Slonka, Ryan Lantzy Album: Slonkast Year: 2011 Genre: Podcast Comments: R.I.P. Steve Jobs (2011-10-13) Download slonkast-043.mp3 Talking Points Subscribe to Slonkast ...
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Steve Jobs: 1955-2011

2011-10-05 19:59:18 ...

Slonkast Episode 42

2011-09-22 19:28:55

Name: Slonkast Episode 42 Artist: Kevin J. Slonka, Ryan Lantzy Album: Slonkast Year: 2011 Genre: Podcast Comments: Arrington leaves TechCrunch, are Mac users in for problems, Verizon might fix the phone industry, and much more! ...

1-Upping Calvin Klein

2011-09-17 23:00:00

Everyone knows the famous Calvin Klein ads with Kate Moss, whether it's for jeans or for perfume. I've always wanted to recreate these ads and recently I've been fortunate ...

Slonkast Episode 41

2011-08-30 21:32:26

Name: Slonkast Episode 41 Artist: Kevin J. Slonka, Ryan Lantzy Album: Slonkast Year: 2011 Genre: Podcast Comments: Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO, HP quits computers, an LTE iPhone?, and much more! (2011-08-30) Download slonkast-041.mp3 Talking ...

iPhone/GMail Multiple Account Issues

2011-08-10 07:33:02

For the longest time I've used my GMail account to manage all of my other email accounts. My email from, RMU, MAC, etc. all are connected to my ...

Slonkast Episode 40

2011-07-26 20:20:58

Name: Slonkast Episode 40 Artist: Kevin J. Slonka, Ryan Lantzy Album: Slonkast Year: 2011 Genre: Podcast Comments: Google+ turning into Facebook, never rent a laptop, is the iPhone 5 in sight, and much more! ...

Slonkast Episode 39

2011-07-19 20:39:50

Name: Slonkast Episode 39 Artist: Kevin J. Slonka, Ryan Lantzy Album: Slonkast Year: 2011 Genre: Podcast Comments: Anonymous de-nonymized and arrested, Google+ to rule them all, the Department of Justice gets your decrypted data, and ...

Slonkast Episode 38

2011-07-05 21:20:48

Name: Slonkast Episode 38 Artist: Kevin J. Slonka, Ryan Lantzy, Matt Hunt Album: Slonkast Year: 2011 Genre: Podcast Comments: Amazon disassociates California, WikiLeaks suing big credit, RIM gets schooled, and much more! (2011-07-05) Download slonkast-038.mp3 Talking Points Subscribe ...

Slonkast Episode 37

2011-06-28 20:20:29

Name: Slonkast Episode 37 Artist: Kevin J. Slonka, Ryan Lantzy Album: Slonkast Year: 2011 Genre: Podcast Comments: Hacked by a kindergartener, der Winklevii are back at it, LulzSec finally got enough lulz, and much more! ...

Slonkast Episode 36

2011-06-21 20:25:29

Name: Slonkast Episode 36 Artist: Kevin J. Slonka, Ryan Lantzy Album: Slonkast Year: 2011 Genre: Podcast Comments: Hacktivists declare open war, Windows 8 for kiosks, the highlights from WWDC, and much more! (2011-06-21) Download slonkast-036.mp3 Talking ...

Stop Stupid Tab Scrolling In Firefox 4

2011-06-15 12:28:32

For those of you who used to access about:config and change minTabWidth to 0 in Firefox 3 so that all tabs would be visible (albeit small) no matter how many ...

First Party Tools For Removing Windows Malware

2011-06-03 09:42:45

Hopefully, if you're a Windows user, you already know that Microsoft has a free, first-party antivirus tool that you can download and install to help protect your system. It ...
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Slonkast Episode 35

2011-05-24 21:23:45

Name: Slonkast Episode 35 Artist: Kevin J. Slonka, Mike Link Album: Slonkast Year: 2011 Genre: Podcast Comments: Copy your CDs without going to jail, Microsoft still can't make a secure operating system, Apple malware ...

Slonkast Episode 34

2011-05-13 21:17:39

Name: Slonkast Episode 34 Artist: Kevin J. Slonka, Matt Hunt, Tim Tender Album: Slonkast Year: 2011 Genre: Podcast Comments: Apple delivers an OS via the app store, Sony still suffering from the recent hack, Google ...

Slonkast Episode 33

2011-05-03 20:45:53

Name: Slonkast Episode 33 Artist: Kevin J. Slonka, Ryan Lantzy Album: Slonkast Year: 2011 Genre: Podcast Comments: Yahoo is a little less tasty, Sony gets sued, Apple's creepin', and much more! (2011-05-03) Download slonkast-033.mp3 Talking Points Subscribe ...

Slonkast Episode 32

2011-04-26 21:05:04

Name: Slonkast Episode 32 Artist: Kevin J. Slonka, Ryan Lantzy Album: Slonkast Year: 2011 Genre: Podcast Comments: Amazon puts e-books into paper libraries, the Playstation Network hacked offline, is Apple the new big brother?, and ...

Slonkast Episode 31

2011-04-19 20:51:18

Name: Slonkast Episode 31 Artist: Kevin J. Slonka, Ryan Lantzy Album: Slonkast Year: 2011 Genre: Podcast Comments: Happy birthday, FTP, Microsoft takes even more of your money, RIM is near extinction, and much more! ...

Slonkast Episode 30

2011-04-12 21:04:47

Name: Slonkast Episode 30 Artist: Kevin J. Slonka, Ryan Lantzy Album: Slonkast Year: 2011 Genre: Podcast Comments: Kansas City gets GoogleNet, Facebook goes green, Amazon owns the cloud, and much more! (2011-04-12) Download slonkast-030.mp3 Talking Points Subscribe ...

Slonkast Episode 29

2011-03-29 21:05:41

Name: Slonkast Episode 29 Artist: Kevin J. Slonka, Ryan Lantzy Album: Slonkast Year: 2011 Genre: Podcast Comments: Microsoft tells foreign countries, "no security for you", under 13?, you're banned from Facebook, and 4G comes to ...

Slonkast Episode 28

2011-03-22 21:20:38

Name: Slonkast Episode 28 Artist: Kevin J. Slonka, Ryan Lantzy, Anthony Marguccio Album: Slonkast Year: 2011 Genre: Podcast Comments: Kevin Rose leaves Digg, Time Warner cuts streaming in half, Verizon announces the first real LTE ...

Adjust Volume From The Terminal

2011-03-18 21:46:50

Back when I used FreeBSD, it was a piece of cake to change the volume. I could just run something like: mixer vol 90 and the volume was set to 90%. ...

Slonkast Episode 27

2011-03-15 21:41:22

Name: Slonkast Episode 27 Artist: Kevin J. Slonka, Ryan Lantzy Album: Slonkast Year: 2011 Genre: Podcast Comments: Apple helps the people of Japan, wifi really can crash planes, the Zune has been deep sixed, and ...

Slonkast Episode 26

2011-03-08 22:36:04

Name: Slonkast Episode 26 Artist: Kevin J. Slonka, Ryan Lantzy, Jill Nadorlik Album: Slonkast Year: 2011 Genre: Podcast Comments: Dirty secrets of search, who uses QR codes?, the iPad 2, and much more. (2011-03-08) Download ...

Slonkast Episode 25

2011-03-01 22:54:05

Name: Slonkast Episode 25 Artist: Kevin J. Slonka, Ryan Lantzy Album: Slonkast Year: 2011 Genre: Podcast Comments: The Senate calls out the House, GeoHot in more hot water, a new iPad, and much more! ...

Slonkast Episode 24

2011-02-22 22:55:18

Name: Slonkast Episode 24 Artist: Kevin J. Slonka, Ryan Lantzy, Matt Hunt Album: Slonkast Year: 2011 Genre: Podcast Comments: I, for one, welcome our new computer overlords, my Playstation phone can make calls, Verizon can't ...

Slonkast Episode 23

2011-02-15 21:55:06

Name: Slonkast Episode 23 Artist: Kevin J. Slonka, Ryan Lantzy Album: Slonkast Year: 2011 Genre: Podcast Comments: Algeria shuts off the Internet, Sony gives away the keys to the kingdom, $1400 to the Smurfs, and ...

Slonkast Episode 22

2011-02-08 22:27:38

Name: Slonkast Episode 22 Artist: Kevin J. Slonka, Ryan Lantzy Album: Slonkast Year: 2011 Genre: Podcast Comments: Bing stealing Google's results, what is internet?, the white iPhone, and much more. (2011-02-08) Download slonkast-022.mp3 Talking Points Subscribe to ...

Slonkast Episode 21

2011-02-01 22:47:58

Name: Slonkast Episode 21 Artist: Kevin J. Slonka, Ryan Lantzy, Matt Hunt Album: Slonkast Year: 2011 Genre: Podcast Comments: Egypt goes dark, Sony backdoors your PS3, Apple tightens the screws, and much more. (2011-02-01) Download ...

Slonkast Episode 20

2011-01-21 21:47:54

Name: Slonkast Episode 20 Artist: Kevin J. Slonka, Ryan Lantzy, Tim Tender Album: Slonkast Year: 2011 Genre: Podcast Comments: Facebook telling spammers where you live, GeoHot in hot water, Motorola blowing up your phone, and ...

Slonkast Episode 19

2011-01-11 22:38:43

Name: Slonkast Episode 19 Artist: Kevin J. Slonka, Ryan Lantzy Album: Slonkast Year: 2011 Genre: Podcast Comments: Ford predicting the future, your TV hacking your network, Verizon's big announcement, and much more! (2011-01-11) Download slonkast-019.mp3 Talking Points Subscribe ...

R.I.P. Tonic Grille 2010-2010

2010-11-06 20:47:10

Are we bad people? One would assume that if you were present for the recent Young Professionals of the Alleghenies (YPA) happy hour at the Tonic Grille in the ...

Slonkast Episode 18

2010-11-03 20:41:32

Name: Slonkast Episode 18 Artist: Kevin J. Slonka, Ryan Lantzy Album: Slonkast Year: 2010 Genre: Podcast Comments: Geocities lives on, wireless HDMI, Linux viruses, is MySpace relevant, the Blackberry Playbook, and much more! (2010-11-03) Download ...

Slonkast Episode 17

2010-10-27 21:07:36

Name: Slonkast Episode 17 Artist: Kevin J. Slonka, Ryan Lantzy Album: Slonkast Year: 2010 Genre: Podcast Comments: Apple making some questionable moves, Digg apologizes for sucking, anyone can hack, TV networks are blocking progress, and ...

Slonkast Episode 16

2010-10-13 20:19:19

Name: Slonkast Episode 16 Artist: Kevin J. Slonka, Ryan Lantzy Album: Slonkast Year: 2010 Genre: Podcast Comments: Google kills GOOG-411, Facebook lets friends sign you up for groups, HDCP is cracked, the Windows Phone 7 ...

Slonkast Episode 15

2010-09-28 21:19:14

Name: Slonkast Episode 15 Artist: Kevin J. Slonka, Ryan Lantzy, Adam Altemus Album: Slonkast Year: 2010 Genre: Podcast Comments: Kevin, Ryan, and Adam talk about Google Me, Blockbuster, the Facebook outage, and two big Twitter ...

Slonkast Episode 14

2010-08-19 22:52:16

Name: Slonkast Episode 14 Artist: Kevin J. Slonka, Ryan Lantzy Album: Slonkast Year: 2010 Genre: Podcast Comments: Kevin and Ryan talk about more ways to hack vehicles, some good and bad with Facebook, jailbreaking iPhones, ...
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Foursquare Makes Me Hate Twitter

2010-08-19 10:41:32

Anyone who follows me on Twitter has probably been annoyed at some point by my constant, seemingly mindless updating or my incessant ranting. Usually the remark is something like, ...

Slonkast Episode 13

2010-08-09 21:10:48

Name: Slonkast Episode 13 Artist: Kevin J. Slonka, Ryan Lantzy Album: Slonkast Year: 2010 Genre: Podcast Comments: Kevin and Ryan talk about how to stalk someone, a possible Google/Verizon debacle, how to make your own ...

Slonkast Episode 12

2010-08-02 20:40:24

Name: Slonkast Episode 12 Artist: Kevin J. Slonka, Ryan Lantzy Album: Slonkast Year: 2010 Genre: Podcast Comments: Kevin and Ryan talk about numerous cool and scary things out of the Black Hat and Defcon conferences, ...

Slonkast Episode 11

2010-07-26 20:59:27

Name: Slonkast Episode 11 Artist: Kevin J. Slonka, Ryan Lantzy, Ed Zahurak Album: Slonkast Year: 2010 Genre: Podcast Comments: Kevin, Ryan, and Ed talk about Google taking over the world, Net Neutrality and broadband requirements, ...

Slonkast Episode 10

2010-07-19 21:35:07

Name: Slonkast Episode 10 Artist: Kevin J. Slonka, Ryan Lantzy Album: Slonkast Year: 2010 Genre: Podcast Comments: Kevin and Ryan talk about social networking, Microsoft's operating systems, and all areas of mobile phones including the ...

Slonkast Episode 9

2010-07-12 21:37:14

Name: Slonkast Episode 9 Artist: Kevin J. Slonka, Ryan Lantzy, Jeff Betts Album: Slonkast Year: 2010 Genre: Podcast Comments: Kevin, Ryan, and Jeff talk about Twitter and Facebook problems, security issues for many large corporations, ...

Slonkast Episode 8

2010-07-06 07:53:35

Name: Slonkast Episode 8 Artist: Kevin J. Slonka Album: Slonkast Year: 2010 Genre: Podcast Comments: Kevin talks about imperialism, mobile phones, the iPhone 4 debacle (or lack thereof), and much more. (2010-07-05) Download slonkast-008.mp3 Talking Points Subscribe ...

Podcast Tracking: Improved

2010-06-29 13:57:18

Last week I showed you a quick and dirty way to make a podcast downloader script that will also track the number of downloads. This week I have a ...

Track Podcast Downloads Using PHP And Mod_Rewrite

2010-06-24 20:09:18

I recently ran into a problem that I suspect most new podcasters run into. You publish your own podcast but soon find out that you have no way to ...

Slonkast Episode 7

2010-06-22 21:46:32

Name: Slonkast Episode 7 Artist: Kevin J. Slonka, Ryan Lantzy Album: Slonkast Year: 2010 Genre: Podcast Comments: Kevin and Ryan talk about viruses, secure online usage, mobile operating systems, and more. (2010-06-22) Download slonkast-007.mp3 Subscribe to ...

Slonkast Episode 6

2010-06-09 06:42:17

Name: Slonkast Episode 6 Artist: Kevin J. Slonka, Ryan Lantzy, Frank Cameron Album: Slonkast Year: 2010 Genre: Podcast Comments: Kevin, Ryan, and Frank talk about Google, Project Natal, Adobe vulnerabilities, D8, RIM, and WWDC. ...

Responsible Disclosure: Preventing A Possible Disaster

2010-06-03 11:59:02

Responsible disclosure, a method of vulnerability disclosure where all stakeholders agree to a certain window in which the vulnerability will be fixed before the details are revealed to the public. ...

Slonkast Episode 5

2010-05-31 20:48:36

Name: Slonkast Episode 5 Artist: Kevin J. Slonka, Ryan Lantzy Album: Slonkast Year: 2010 Genre: Podcast Comments: Kevin and Ryan talk about internet in your car, 3D movies, the AT&T problems, Facebook privacy issues, and ...

This Ain’t Your Grandma’s 3D

2010-05-30 14:26:35

We all remember it; coming home from the grocery store, dumping out the cereal box, and searching for the red and blue 3D glasses so that we can see the ...

My Car Needs Internet

2010-05-25 10:34:39

Can you imagine it? Your vehicle having Internet access. It's almost as if we should be expecting our car to say, "I'm sorry, Kevin, I cannot do that." ...

Reset A Forgotten Windows Password

2010-05-17 19:58:22

Have you ever had a Windows XP machine where you forgot your password and didn't know the password for the administrator account? Or maybe you have a newer Vista ...

Automate DPI Altering With ImageMagick

2010-03-22 20:57:05

One of the most mundane tasks I have to perform after a photo shoot is editing the dots per inch (DPI) of the almost-finished photos so that they print at ...

Fix A Corrupt Windows Registry With Linux

2010-02-26 21:45:40

During this past week I was called upon by two different people to help with their computer problem. The first problem was a Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) and ...

Breast Cancer Blunder of 2010

2010-01-08 10:02:15

UDPATE: I took my own advice and made the web page to help this effort: For the past couple days most people have noticed the barrage of single word ...

Slonkast Episode 4

2009-11-16 20:39:30

Name: Slonkast Episode 4 Artist: Kevin J. Slonka Album: Slonkast Year: 2009 Genre: Podcast Comments: Kevin talks about the recent Vox Nova concert, Kaspersky AV for Mac, Google Wave and Voice, SquareSpace, and a book ...

Smarter Publishing? Maybe Too Smart...

2009-11-12 13:33:01

My website hosting contract is coming to an end within the next month. I've heard many, many rave reviews about SquareSpace and decided that I should check it out ...

Use Google Voice As Your Voicemail Service

2009-10-08 12:20:30

UPDATE: Google Voice has added the Voicemail ability natively. My directions at the end of this article are no longer necessary. Google Voice is a great service. In its ...

Frozen Mac? Maybe Not Completely...

2009-09-07 18:50:43

So it just happened to me. I copied some photos/movies from a Memory Stick onto my computer and decided to look at them using Preview. I made it ...

My Encounter With A CraigsList Scammer

2009-08-28 22:00:08

It was a dark and dreary day in Johnstown. I sit in my cubicle, soaking wet from my recent trek to the doctor's office. I notice that my ...

Lenses For Sale

2009-07-20 19:21:53

So I'm looking to buy two new lenses and because of that I don't need the three that I currently have. So, here is a list of the lenses ...

Kevin Slonka Here For

2009-07-03 14:28:52

In true Billy Mays style, at least for the intro, I do a pseudo-pitch for I won't say too much about the service, since most of that is ...
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Sync iPhone Calendar With Google Calendar

2009-06-19 19:15:57

This is something iPhone users have clamored for since the beginning. Unless you used the Calendar app on your Mac, you weren't getting any appointments in the Calendar app ...

AT&T Suffers Nation-wide Network Outage

2009-06-18 10:15:39

At approximately 4AM EST, AT&T's cellular network suffered a major outage; their data networks stopped working. Customers were left with no internet access from their mobile devices through either ...

Make That Tree Look Taller

2009-06-10 19:47:25

So Gillette has released some videos to help guys learn how to shave various parts of their bodies, from head, to armpits, to the groin. Yup, you read that ...
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Slonkast Episode 3

2009-05-29 15:23:34

Name: Slonkast Episode 3 Artist: Kevin J. Slonka Album: Slonkast Year: 2009 Genre: Podcast Comments: Kevin welcomes Isabella Rose Marguccio to the world, talks about the Showcase for Commerce, Polkafest, his birthday and vacation to ...

Slonkast Episode 2

2009-05-07 20:33:13

Name: Slonkast Episode 2 Artist: Kevin J. Slonka Album: Slonkast Year: 2009 Genre: Podcast Comments: Kevin talks about the RMU graduation, the FBI, KFC, some television, and the iPhone 3.0. (2009-05-07) Download slonkast-002.mp3 Subscribe to Slonkast ...


2009-04-07 20:09:56

During the second half of the Spring 2009 semester, I am taking a class on Information Security Assurance and Auditing. We are required to complete a final project, given ...

Installing hping3 On OSX

2009-03-24 22:15:18

Most people know that OSX is just BSD with a pretty interface. Technically... I say that because you can't just take normal BSD packages and expect them to ...

Restore iTunesHelper to OSX Login Items

2009-03-19 10:15:52

Maybe some of you, like me, get a little click happy at times. I was today when I was extremely frustrated that Skype decided to open every time I ...

/etc/hosts Replacement In OSX

2009-03-17 09:26:44

On all *nix hosts you can add an entry to the /etc/hosts file so that you don't have to remember an IP address, can force your machine to always hit ...

Create an ISO from a CD on a Mac

2009-03-11 10:24:30

Sometimes Macs are too user friendly. Sure, as soon as you put in a CD it automounts, puts an icon on your desktop, and you can immediately start accessing ...

I'm Famous... At Least On The Internet

2009-01-29 00:05:15

One of my regular shows from Revision3, Tekzilla, takes video questions from viewers and answers them on the show. I recently sent in a video question asking whether ethernet ...

Alex Albrecht Explains Cell Manufacturers' Reaction To Apple

2009-01-21 22:58:48

On this week's Diggnation (which actually was a live show in LA from last week), Alex Albrecht explains how cell manufacturers must have felt when Apple came on the scene ...

Adding "Tabs" To Framed Web Applications

2009-01-19 11:56:14

If web developers have one major gripe (other than IE not conforming to standards) it has to be when they are tasked to create fat-client functionality in a web application. ...

Weather Integration For Google Calendar

2009-01-19 09:08:13

Who out there uses Google Calendar? Not you? Are you an idiot? Well, if you don't use Google Calendar you should probably stop reading. For those ...

Slonkast Episode 1

2009-01-14 20:42:17

Name: Slonkast Episode 1 Artist: Kevin J. Slonka Album: Slonkast Year: 2009 Genre: Podcast Comments: Kevin discusses his studio, HDDVD vs. Blu-Ray, the PS3, and Twitter. (2009-01-10) Download slonkast-001.mp3 Subscribe to Slonkast ...

Indestructible Film Very Destructible

2009-01-05 16:31:15

For more than a year, I have used an Invisible Shield from Zagg. My first Shield was for my Motorola Razr2. I keep my cell phone in my ...

Slonkast Episode 0

2009-01-04 01:05:19

Name: Slonkast Episode 0 Artist: Kevin J. Slonka Album: Slonkast Year: 2009 Genre: Podcast Comments: Kevin talks iPhone on the pilot episode of the Slonkast. (2009-01-03) Download slonkast-000.mp3 Subscribe to Slonkast ...

The Impossible: It's What I Do

2008-12-19 20:24:26

For a couple of days this week, I've been doing some consulting work at a local manufacturing company, owned by a member of my church. The initial work was ...
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Add TTYs in Fedora 9+, Plus More!

2008-12-10 17:51:17

As extra credit in my Intro to Linux class, I gave a problem that used to be simple but is now (since Fedora 9) slightly more difficult. As an ...

Evolution: I'm Not So Sure

2008-11-25 09:46:24

Every intelligent Christian knows that the creation stories in the Bible were just that; stories. The world probably wasn't created in seven days. Instead, Christian scholars accept a ...

iPhone Earbuds: A New Way To Use Your Phone

2008-11-12 21:24:15

I've had the iPhone for a couple of months now, but refused to use it as an iPod. A few weeks ago I decided to sync some music to ...

Keeping Your Audience Involved

2008-10-10 12:59:31

How involved do you get your audience? That's a question on the mind of every TV executive. They know they need to get you involved while you're watching ...

Parents' 25th Anniversary

2008-10-06 10:24:03

This past Wednesday, October 1, was my parents' 25th anniversary. I wanted to send them on a vacation as a surprise, but realized that they needed to know so ...

Using An Alternate Window Manager With GDM

2008-09-26 21:34:03

Recently I found myself needing to run a less resource intensive window manager on a linux host. The host ran Fedora 9, used GDM, and had Gnome as the ...

Symbolic And Hard Links Explained

2008-09-18 21:18:14

As I was covering links in the fourth week of my Intro to Linux course, I realized that this was a pretty important topic that should be written down on ...

Install Dell Wireless Drivers/Utility On HP Hardware

2008-09-17 21:32:24

You may be asking yourself what kind of crack I'm on. Well, it's the kind that makes me want to install Dell software on HP hardware. But seriously, ...
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iPhone 2.1 Firmware - Yay Or Nay?

2008-09-16 07:42:07

Apple realized their mistakes with the previous versions of the firmware. This time, we actually got Steve Jobs's personal promise that things would work. I just read an ...

Is Chrome The Next Step To GooOS?

2008-09-12 14:10:15

Many people have wondered why in the world Google would release a web browser. Everything Google does has been web based (the exceptions are cases where they bought other ...
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Google Chrome: A Poor Attempt

2008-09-03 09:39:45

Hot on the heels of my IE8 review, here is my Google Chrome review. I would have had a review up yesterday, when it was released, but since Google ...

IE8 Beta 2 Review

2008-09-02 21:00:57

The day the second beta of IE8 was released I decided I was going to give it a go. IE has been a completely worthless browser ever since hackers ...

Launch Of The New United Way Website

2008-08-28 12:49:59

For the past month or so myself and our crack-team of engineers (Garrett, Adam, and Diane) have been working on the new website for the United Way of the Laurel ...
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Fellowship Of The iPhone

2008-08-12 08:55:00

Journey to Mordor My iPhone experience started yesterday around 4:00PM when I left work and headed to the mall. Because I hate people, I parked right outside of the restaurants ...

Open Invitation To Internet Lurkers

2008-08-04 20:38:51

There is an ever-growing group... collection... cult, if I may, of parasites on the Internet. People who consume until they can consume no more, but hardly ever, if at ...
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Web 2.1337 #5 - The Dark Knight

2008-08-04 17:08:00

I have seen The Dark Knight three times now. Each time I pick up more and more. For instance, the second time I went I caught how the ...

BREAKING: Dishwasher Earns Black Belt In Karate

2008-08-02 14:24:32

Rueters: In an unprecedented event, the Whirlpool Quiet Power 980 has become the first dishwasher in the history of the world, nay, the universe, to earn a black belt in ...

Installing camE: A Tutorial On Compiling From Source

2008-08-01 12:29:12

I recently ran out of space on my main desktop with an 80GB drive. So I bought a 500GB drive to replace it. Instead of dd'ing the old ...

Kevin Slonka For President In 2008

2008-07-25 09:52:46

I made the Channel 3 News. Make sure you all vote for me! ...

Villain for Batman 3

2008-07-21 19:43:11

The Dark Knight is the best movie ever made, period. Much talk has been done about the villain in the next movie. It's pretty well known that the ...

Web 2.1337 #4 - Road Cones

2008-07-17 15:34:39

Another idea from Garrett. Have things in your everyday life ever reminded you of something in your technological life? For Garrett, that happens more often than not. ...

Finally Framed

2008-07-15 19:09:16

I went to Michael's a couple of days ago and bought a frame for my Digg shirt signed by Kevin Rose. I, however, needed a pseudo-matting because the cardboard ...
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Test 2 With The DigiTech Vocalist Live 4

2008-07-15 08:56:14

I decided to pick two more songs and record them without actually learning them ;) The first is a song by Allison Krauss and Union Station. Actually, I ...

Web 2.1337 #3 - The Walkway

2008-07-14 18:09:45

Thanks to my co-worker, Garrett, for hurting himself and giving me the idea for this comic. ...

No Soup (3G) For You (Me)

2008-07-11 20:17:12

I'm probably gonna get a new iPhone. Not right now, I don't want to wait for hours on end just to activate the thing. I'll wait until all ...

4th of July Pictures

2008-07-11 19:41:14

The title really says it all. I just got around to developing and resizing the pictures I took of the fireworks on the 4th and our cookout on the ...

Toshiba Not Giving Up On HD-DVD?

2008-07-10 10:38:22

Everyone knows that I picked the better technology in the middle of the HD war, HD-DVD. It's too bad that Sony is richer than Toshiba and bought out EVERY ...

Digitech Vocalist Live 4 Test Run

2008-06-25 20:13:36

My new toy arrived today! The Digitech Vocalist Live 4. I couldn't wait to try it out, and I didn't want to read the manual, so I just ...

Simple XML End-Tag Detection

2008-06-24 14:45:33

Say you're working with an XML or RDF document and your program keeps spitting out errors saying that some tags aren't closed, etc. What do you do if you ...

Web 2.1337 #2 - Baby Names By Science

2008-06-20 20:08:37

We were sitting at lunch talking about the places where we grew up. Jon mentioned how, growing up where he did, everyone knew everyone and what they were doing ...

Web 2.1337 #1 - Scripting Too Long

2008-06-19 15:58:01

Ever have one of those days when you do nothing but stare at code, write code, then stare at it some more? Well I had one of those days. ...

Mount LVM Volume from Live CD

2008-06-11 21:01:03

If you know anything about anything, you know that Live CDs are great for rescuing data from dying computers. Normally, this involves mounting a hard drive with a single ...

Autographed Digg T-Shirt

2008-06-09 19:51:48

You have no idea how excited I am. Today, in the mail, I received my gift for being a founding member of Revision3. What is the gift, you ...

It's Official, I'm Smarter Than You

2008-06-06 15:51:55

Today I received my diploma in the mail. Now the expensive part... Buying a nice double frame for the diploma and my Alpha Iota Mu honors certificate. ...

Comments From VIM, Nevermore!

2008-05-28 10:14:04

Has anyone else noticed how the newer versions of VIM attempt to be smart? Yeah, they think that just because you typed a comment on one line that you ...

Use the Amazon MP3 Downloader on Fedora 9

2008-05-21 13:22:33

If you're like me, you've probably upgraded your Fedora 8 host to Fedora 9 only to find that half of the stuff you use doesn't work anymore. I found ...

Mario Kart Double Agent

2008-05-13 08:18:37

Last night Kelli and Izeke came over to play the Wii. After sucking horribly at Mario Galaxy they decided to race in Mario Kart. After also sucking horribly ...

Dear Mario Kart, STOP CHEATING!

2008-05-03 22:42:24

I've had Mario Kart for the Wii since last Monday, though I have only played it 2 days of the 6. It took a couple races to get used ...

Awesome Hidden Windows Feature

2008-04-28 13:17:59

And by awesome, I mean totally _not_ awesome. A co-worker just called me over to his desk to check out some odd behavior. He had just extracted a ...

Boo you BlueFish!

2008-04-18 12:09:55

I don't know either Ruby or Java at the moment, but I need to learn both. I'll be having to design a web application in jRuby on Rails so ...

Laurie's First Communion

2008-04-15 21:32:20

This past weekend was my cousin's (actually, first cousin's once removed) first communion. So my family and I traveled to York for the mass and party. I don't ...

Genuises Working at Wendy's

2008-04-14 15:53:44

This past weekend, I was in York for my cousin's first communion. One of the nights, we stopped at Wendy's for some food. As I was waiting for ...
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How many RAM slots do I have?

2008-04-10 12:20:37

Sure, Windows can tell you the total amount of RAM in your computer, but sometimes you need to know how many slots you have and how many are used. ...

Windows Server 2008 Core: Networking

2008-04-09 21:32:04

In my last article on 2008, I showed some basic operations that you pretty much need to know to work with 2008 Core. In this article, I get a ...

Windows Server 2008 Install/First Impressions

2008-03-25 15:15:01

So I downloaded the Windows Server 2008 CD from Microsoft (which I'm surprised they let people do). I installed it under VMWare on my Fedora 7 laptop and started ...

The Brightness of 1000 Suns

2008-02-28 10:46:00

As every photographer knows, properly lighting your subject is, perhaps, the most important part of photography. Without the proper amount of light, you get shadows, dark spots, bright spots, ...

The Slippery Slope of IT

2008-02-25 21:33:34

What is the role of a person in the IT field? Let me further define "the IT field." When I say "the IT field," I am speaking of ...

Nike Acquisition

2008-02-14 22:44:16

No, I didn't buy Nike. Though, that would be pretty awesome. What actually happened was that I bought new shoes. I've had my current pair of Nike ...
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What Am I Reading?

2008-02-03 16:31:58

Thanks to Veronica Belmont for introducing me to Google Reader, you can now see all of the articles that I read on a daily basis. I use Netvibes as my browser's ...

New Video Card Screws Up OpenGL

2008-01-31 14:32:52

My Dell E510 came with an ATI X600 video card, which was not the greatest. It had 128MB of RAM, but the killer was the slow clock speed and ...

Where Is The Church Camp?

2008-01-28 23:21:34

I was in Wendy's today and to the left of the register was this pamphlet holding device that had some... pamphlets in it. The first thing that jumped out ...

Debug the TWM Menu in RHEL4

2008-01-24 12:49:36

So your window manager of choice is TWM because of it's slimness and configurability. But after painstaking hour^H^H^H^Hminutes editing your .twmrc to add some applications to the menu you ...

American Gladiators Ringtone

2008-01-22 15:27:38

I've been watching the new American Gladiators and it sucks. The more I watch, the more I want to stop. The original one was so much better. ...

The Lion King: A Critique

2008-01-19 23:53:10

Last night I saw The Lion King in Pittsburgh. It was a great show, but it had a few things that made me wonder, "why?" Too much choreography while singing My ...

He's Thirsty!

2008-01-11 13:11:39

Rhuel and I went to Wendy's today for lunch. This guy in front of us ordered, went to the condiment station, and started getting stuff. I didn't think ...

Need More LiveCD Space?

2008-01-09 15:45:40

Most of you have read the article on how to create a custom Fedora LiveCD. Well, by default, Revisor creates the "filesystem" with a 3GB limit (2.8GB usable). ...

HP ScanJet G3010 in Fedora 7

2008-01-03 21:48:45

For the last bit of photography I did for Crown, I received a $100 Best Buy gift card. I needed a scanner for a long time, so I decided ...

Buy Your Music From Amazon

2008-01-02 17:25:09

You heard me right, Amazon sells music... as in MP3s. As of a week ago, Amazon now has 3 of the 4 major music labels in it's catalog. ...

My new swag!

2007-12-31 20:37:00

As I was watching the last episode of DL.TV for 2007, the guys broke out some old ZDTV stuff. Roger was wearing a ZDTV jacket and a The Screen ...

My Farewell to CTC

2007-12-29 21:57:18

Last month marked one year since I left CTC. I recently read TechTV Employee Number One, and realized that Russ's reasons for leaving TechTV were somewhat similar to my ...

OfficeCam, Twitter, and Facebook

2007-12-28 01:41:45

After getting my oak filing cabinet and having to put the stupid thing together, I decided to unpack some of the boxes I had in my office and put things ...

Wow! Bus Fare Is Cheap!

2007-12-12 14:21:36

I was reading an article on the writer's strike and who was there picketing with them. An article over at the LAist had a lot of pictures, one of ...

Nostalgic Christmas Minishows

2007-12-09 23:32:55

When I was little, I remember my mom being excited when Suzy Snowflake came on TV. That, along with Frosty the Snowman and Hardrock, Cocoa, and Joe were little ...

The Internet Made Us Dumb

2007-12-06 14:26:45

A long time ago in a galaxy so much like our own that it is our own, children actually learned. "Learned what?" you might ask. Anything... anything at ...
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Woohoo! Buzz Out Loud 613

2007-11-30 10:25:04

Ok, so I get too excited when my comments make it into the podcasts I listen to. But at 37:20 of Buzz Out Loud 613 they read my email ...

WAV conversion with Perl

2007-11-28 11:29:26

Most linux users know that if they want to make an audio cd from their mp3 collection it can be somewhat troublesome. Due to the licensing cost involved with ...

You Stay Classy, San Diego

2007-11-20 09:33:50

Anyone who knows me knows that I love the movie "Anchorman." One of Ron Burgandy's famous signoffs is, "You stay classy, San Diego." I was watching this week's ...

Vox Nova Reunion

2007-11-16 00:40:27

It has been 10 years since the inception of Vox Nova at Mount Aloysius. The director, Nancy, decided (with a nudge from a fellow Novite, Stell) that it was ...
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2007-11-12 23:07:19

The wind howled as if Old Man Winter was right outside the front door. The trees shook, leaves disconnecting themselves and flying into neighboring yards. They pass in ...
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Reprogram Mazda Tribute Fob

2007-11-10 11:04:29

So you all know that my vehicle's electronics half died. That was the result of the BCM going bad. That, along with the throttle body (which was giving ...

Chef Slonkak

2007-11-07 22:44:07

Let me begin by saying I have never cooked a meal in my life. I've helped my parents by doing stuff on the grill and other little things, but ...
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What is going on?

2007-11-07 11:35:04

Ok, so I had church practice yesterevening. When I finished, from inside the church, I hit the button on my remote starter so my car would be running when ...

East Meets West 91... Featuring Me!

2007-11-02 20:16:07

Ok, so my voice isn't in the podcast, but my words are. East Meets West is a podcast done by Tom Merritt (from Buzz Out Loud) and Roger Chang ...


2007-10-31 21:42:32

That's right. All you people around my age probably remember the Nickelodeon show "Doug"... Well, for Halloween I was his alter-superhero-ego, Quailman. And you know what the ...
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<voice type="rudolph">I'm cute!</voice>

2007-10-29 17:31:15

I went to Boscov's to get some things; some Blistex, a draft dodger (I didn't know that's what they're called either), and some kitchen sink mats. I go to ...

Move-in: T -1 Day

2007-10-27 16:35:59

Well my dad, Uncle Dave, and myself moved in a lot of my stuff today. So I decided to take some pictures of how everything was coming along. ...

Create the Über-LiveCD

2007-10-19 13:13:59

So yesterday was the day. Finally the extremely custom LiveCD was in a perfect working condition. Now, if you're expecting this CD to cure cancer or do your ...

I Wasn't Painting ;)

2007-10-14 16:16:11

I finally finished painting today. After finishing the last two ceilings I put together both of my computer desks so I have a big U-shaped desk. It turned ...
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Stupid Literalness

2007-10-11 11:49:10

I've stepped into something new... trying to create a very custom live cd. There are tools, specifically Revisor, that let you create a custom Fedora live cd. While ...

C Programming 101

2007-10-08 20:42:30

So you're in your intro to programming course, writing in C, and you're given an assignment that will actually make you think. You need to write a program that ...
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More House Pictures

2007-09-30 21:37:01

Now that all of the new furniture is in, and I got some stuff for the dining room, I took some more pictures. I also got some of the ...

Chuck: My New Favorite Show?

2007-09-26 22:02:02

Ever since the second season of Alias, that was my favorite show. Why not the first season? Before episode 1 when I first saw the preview of a ...

Slonka Family Pedigree

2007-09-22 22:44:28

About a month or so ago we had a Slonka family reunion. One of our relatives went through tons of hard work to research all of our ancestors and ...

My New House

2007-09-22 22:38:34

On the 14th I closed on my house!!! My mom, dad, and myself spent a lot of time cleaning, spackling, taping, and painting. But after all of that ...
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Misconceptions of Tor

2007-09-13 14:09:05

There have been some articles recently about Tor, specifically with people getting their sensitive information stolen while using Tor. The gist was, "I'm using Tor, my information should have ...

United Way Day of Caring

2007-09-13 08:08:47

Yesterday was the United Way Day of Caring. Myself along with four co-workers got assigned to work at Mom's House in Roxbury. For those who don't know, Mom's ...

Custom Ringtones on Verizon Motorola RAZR2 V9M

2007-09-11 17:38:09

My usual stance is, "I hate ringtones!" I do, I really, really do. They're annoying, people pick the most ridiculous songs, and they're so loud. But once ...

Use Gripfoo to Fix Stupid Filenames

2007-09-03 21:40:55

Since I totally switched to Linux, I haven't done any cd ripping. I used to use CDex on Windows and really liked it. That, however, isn't available for ...

One Way To Manage Bills

2007-08-24 17:21:10

Do you still manage your bills by hoping you have enough money in your checking account each month? I'm not saying I can solve your problems. If you're ...
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Fooify your VBScript

2007-08-24 12:57:11

As any system administrator knows, due to the Windows Scripting Host (WSH), VBScript is a native language to Windows machines. By native, I mean that you can execute the ...

Hi-Def Winner? My Pick...

2007-08-24 09:27:12

Well the "war" has been going on for quite some time now. Sony's BluRay and Toshiba's HD-DVD continue to battle it out. But is it all for nothing? ...

I Pwnd Myself

2007-08-23 17:24:37

Seriously, how does this stuff happen? It all started as me preparing for teaching next week. I found out that the students would not have admin rights on ...
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The Case for Absolute Positioning

2007-08-16 07:32:33

This is an argument I get into every so often with people. Whether, in your graphical applications, whether they be fat or web apps, to position your elements relatively ...

What Happened to the Internet?

2007-08-15 15:50:16

The internet has come a long way in it's short existence. But it seems that the parts of the internet that are valuable grow exponentially less than the parts ...

Be Anonymous with Tor and Privoxy

2007-08-13 20:20:19

So I decided that I've had enough of the world knowing what I'm doing. I've gone anonymous with Tor and Privoxy. What are they, you ask? Privoxy ...

Are You Prepared?

2007-08-06 13:12:19

In the event of a terrorist attack, do you know what to do? Most people don't. Be sure to check out this site to inform yourself. Also, ...

Josh Groban Concert

2007-08-05 21:14:43

Josh Groban came to the Mellon Arena Saturday, August 4. Back in April when I heard the tickets were going on sale, I immediately went to Ticketmaster's website. ...

It's Made of What?

2007-07-30 20:53:09

I just, literally like 30 seconds ago, saw a commercial for Tampax. It appears they have a new product, Tampax Cardboard. Can someone from the woman community please ...

Email from the Command Prompt

2007-07-25 14:33:39

This is something I've known how to do for quite some time, but I thought it would be beneficial to others if I documented it (and myself for when I ...
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Weekly Dose of Tech

2007-07-23 17:48:53

I've been a fan of ZDTV since the beginning; The Screensavers, Call For Help, etc. Then they turned into TechTV. Then G4 bought them and screwed everything up, ...

Note to the World: Beware!

2007-07-17 20:48:19

My cousins are in this week, so I went up my aunt's house to play with them tonight. Ryan, who is 4, loves Star Wars. We were wrestling ...

#10 FTW!

2007-07-10 21:51:33

Can you spot the geek? Rather, can you spot the #10 rider? No? Well, if you know a thing or two about different number bases you would. ...


2007-07-04 22:48:07

Well, the fireworks went off without a hitch. This was my first time actually taking pictures with the intent of them turning out good. I used my Canon ...

Goodbye Money

2007-07-04 16:42:50

I must love to spend money. Seriously. In the past two days I bought a new TV and a Yamaha YFZ450. But I am excited about both. ...

Trikefest 2007

2007-06-26 09:43:05

As most of you know, last week (Thursday-Sunday) I went to Trikefest with Rhuel. To give you some backstory, I have never ridden an ATV before. Actually, other ...

Paul Potts Winning Announcement and Performance

2007-06-17 17:49:02

Source: ...

Paul Potts Wins!

2007-06-17 17:32:05

He's done it! Paul Potts is the winner of Britain's Got Talent! Here is his final performance, the full version of Puccini's Nessun Dorma. Source: ...

Paul Potts - Con Te Partiro

2007-06-14 21:32:19

He's done it again. All three judges are pretty much speechless, even Simon Cowell. This week's song was Con Te Partiro, originally written as a duet for Andrea ...

Britain's Got Talent... Seriously!

2007-06-12 22:22:30

This made the front page of Digg, so you probably already read/heard about it. That doesn't matter; it's worth sharing again. You've all heard of the TV show ...

Better way to work with images

2007-06-10 22:04:56

So I found a better (maybe?) way to show the images in your database without making a database call for each. I guess I'll get right into the changes ...

Storing images in a MySQL database

2007-06-09 13:48:46

I've been working with a friend on an e-business site lately. I had an idea of storing the images in the database instead of the filesystem. I had ...

Using SAN disks in Windows

2007-06-05 09:01:05

So you have a fibre-channel SAN connected to some servers and you want to know the correct way to make Windows see the space... Assuming you have done everything ...

Kill the unkillable process

2007-05-24 18:18:16

In the article I posted yesterday, I mentioned certain processes that cannot be killed by conventional means. You were probably thinking, what are conventional means and how would I ...

One way you've probably been owned

2007-05-23 13:18:43

This all stemmed from wanting to teach a friend at school a lesson: lock your computer! Quite regularly this person would get up and leave his computer unattended and ...

Leo goes down for the count

2007-05-21 13:36:18

I was just listening to episode 98 of TWiT and the funniest thing happened. The guys were right in the middle of a talk about Starcraft and other games ...

Review of Blink Personal Edition

2007-05-15 21:37:24

I've been playing around with Blink for a little bit now and would like to share some of the things that have been running through my head. If you'd ...

Goodbye Symantec, Hello eEye

2007-05-14 14:10:03

I was listening to the Security Now! (RSS) podcast, produced by TWiT, and heard some stuff I really liked. The latest podcast, Episode 91, featured Marc Maiffret from eEye ...

G3 '07 in Greensburg

2007-04-13 10:41:24

I don't even know where to begin. These guys were awesome! Joe Satriani, John Petrucci, and Paul freaking Gilbert... wow. I didn't know this, but Greensburg ...

Getting an AD domain's netBIOS name from a UPN

2007-03-23 21:26:26

I have been doing some C++ Win32 development lately and wanted to share two custom functions I needed to write. The point of my project was to authenticate a ...
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LDAP Injection

2007-03-08 16:27:45

After taking some time to learn about SQL injection, I decided to learn a little about other types of injection; specifically LDAP injection. So after reading some whitepapers, I ...

Beryl skydome image not working?

2007-02-18 12:52:18

So you installed Beryl, you put a cool picture of giraffes as your wallpaper, and to complete the effect you want to put clouds as the skydome image. But ...
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Install SUS on XP

2007-02-09 14:26:12

Are you sick and tired of installing a new system and having to download countless updates from Microsoft just to get your system up to date? Wouldn't it be ...


2007-01-25 18:23:32

So yeah... wow! The guys just left about a half hour ago and everything's up and working awesomely. Right now I'm watching a Pretender's concert and it's like ...

First thoughts on the new tv

2007-01-20 22:41:06

Before my first thoughts, here's a tiny description of what I had to do to prepare for the new tv. Step 1: In the office, I had to pull back the ...

Day 3 with my new TV...

2007-01-19 21:03:30

...and it's working great! It was a real pain to get everything set up; rerouting about 10 coax cables, drilling holes for them through the floor and braces, nailing ...

Day 2 with my new TV...

2007-01-18 21:22:12

...and it's still not hooked up. When it got here yesterday, it was pretty cold since it was in a FedEx truck for who knows how long. I ...

Update linux on a thumb drive with `yupdate`

2007-01-13 21:23:06

I just got a new 4GB USB thumb drive. How should I use it? You guessed it, Linux. Just to be safe, I took the hard drive ...
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Beethoven's Fur Elise... performed by the HP ScanJet 4c

2007-01-11 23:37:43

That's right... And you thought scanners were only for taking all of your important documents and archiving them so the sprinkler test on that floor didn't put you out ...

Game that makes your brain hurt

2007-01-06 00:32:07

Not too long ago this game,, was posted to Digg. There are no instructions, just one clue per puzzle and the rest is up to you to figure ...
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Westell 327W and Dell Wireless chipset issue: FIXED!

2007-01-02 21:34:48

For the longest time Verizon has been shipping the Westell 327W wireless router/switch/dsl modem to it's DSL customers. What their QA people never bothered to test were the major ...

IE7 breaks CSS... again!

2006-12-29 21:59:35

Most web designers who make use of CSS extensively know full well how IE, specifically version 6, doesn't render CSS correctly... at all. I mean, it's not even close. ...

I changed the face of Google!

2006-12-27 17:17:33

Anyone remember the old days of Google's personalized homepage? Yeah, you got all the RSS feeds you wanted, but you were stuck with the plain Google logo day after ...

Merry Christmas!

2006-12-25 21:29:43

Did you have a merry Christmas? I did. I really only wanted one thing, a Nintendo Wii. Well, I got one. I'm already in pain. ...

A Problem 98% Of You Can't Solve

2006-12-22 23:09:01

I was browsing digg when I came over the famous Zebra puzzle, except it was reworked a little bit. It's been said that Einstein claims 98% of the population ...

Comments are functional

2006-12-21 19:29:14

The comment feature has just been implemented. To make the site safter, I am stripping/converting any characters that could have harmful effects. Double quotes, single quotes, greater-than's, and ...

Beginner's Guide to HD

2006-12-21 14:53:01

If you're like me, you started your search knowing anything and everything about LCD's as they pertain to computers; however, when it came to TVs, DVDs, and video games, you're ...
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Fedora Core 6 as a VMWare Guest OS

2006-12-20 14:27:46

A friend of mine had a Windows XP host and couldn't be without Linux. So I recommended installing VMWare and running Linux (specifically, Fedora Core 6) as a guest ...

Site is online!

2006-12-20 09:43:52

Last night I bought I got my hosting through Their site impressed me with the amount of stuff they supported. So once I bought the domain and signed ...

"The Simpsons" Knows About PA

2006-12-18 20:55:23

So I was watching The Simpsons tonight, the Kill Gil, Volumes I & II episode. There came a part when they were watching their TV. On the TV ...

Programming Active Directory with .NET

2006-12-15 16:09:01

One thing I had to figure out was how to change an AD user's account expiration date via a web page written in VB.NET. Sounds easy, right? So ...

Madrigal and Virginia

2006-12-05 20:34:14

This past weekend was the annual Madrigal Feast at Mount Aloysius. As always, it was a blast! I wasn't able to do it last year because it fell ...

New Site Design

2006-11-30 14:39:55

It's been a long time coming, but I finally got a semi-working new site. I started a new job at Northrop Grumman on November 6. The project I will be ...

And we shouldn't bomb them why?

2006-11-04 00:00:00

You have got to be kidding me. Why are we not bombing these people. Call me imperialist, call me closed-minded, I don't care. Someone needs to stop ...

VMware and Fedora Core 6

2006-10-31 00:00:00

Since I'm leaving CTC, I'll be giving back the laptop they gave me, which means that for class I have to use my laptop. No big deal, I got ...

I Am Loving Fedora Core 6

2006-10-27 23:00:00

I haven't used my laptop in a while. My desktop runs XP and I don't need another Windows computer. I wanted to make my laptop run some form ...

A Date Which Will Live In Infamy, Not Really

2006-10-23 23:00:00

So today was the day. I got to work to find that my manager's office was dark. No problem. It can wait a few minutes. So ...

Goose's Wedding

2006-09-15 23:00:00

So Goose called me one night and asked if I'd be the cantor for his wedding. That was awesome. But then he told me that I'd be singing ...

Movie Review: Just Friends

2006-09-08 23:00:00

Because of a friend's recommendation, I ordered "Just Friends." It arrived yesterday, but due to me having no time whatsoever, I just now watched it. I was very ...

It's almost vacation time!

2006-09-06 23:00:00

So I was talking to Chrissy on MySpace and mentioned that I need a vacation. I got about a month of vacation time saved up and need to go ...

Wedding pictures

2006-09-02 23:00:00

I finally got a link to the pictures from Jeremy and Kaleena's wedding. I saved the ones that pertained to me and put them in my PhotoBucket storage. ...

Favorite clips

2006-09-01 23:00:00

I can never seem to find the clips I want to watch when I want to watch them, so I decided to take the time to find them and let ...


2006-08-21 23:00:00

One of my really good friends, Kerrie, is moving to Rochester this weekend. With all of the stuff she has to get done before moving, I knew I would ...

Ohh, it's the deep burn. Oh, it's so deep. Oh, I can barely lift my left arm.

2006-08-19 23:00:00

Why, you ask? Patience... So yesterday was Jeremy's wedding. I was the best man. That's right, the best. Being the best man means I have ...

Work with me here... you're a monkey, Derek!

2006-08-14 23:00:00

So yesterday the package arrived! My new camera! I've been waiting for this for a while. The Canon EOS 30D with the standard 18-55mm lens, a 28-135mm ...

Kelli got engaged!

2006-08-11 23:00:00

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You're makin' me mad!

2006-08-07 23:00:00

You know what? I hate you. I'm serious. You are the bane of my existence. I can go weeks at a time with no communication from ...

Do you know the muffin man?

2006-07-28 23:00:00

Hmm, so I guess in order for you to understand this story, you need to hear two smaller stories first. All names of people (except mine) and buildings will ...


2006-06-22 23:00:00

This past Tuesday I left for Pittsburgh. It was again time to do a little acting for work. Our multimedia group gets contracted to produce video training applications ...

Birthday and concert

2006-05-17 23:00:00

Happy birthday to me! 22. So I come home from work and see this... My sister colored a picture and put a balloon on my door. I ...

Shopping spree

2006-04-22 23:00:00

I realized something. I like to spend money. I found this out today by going shopping for stuff that should have only cost in the ballpark of $30 ...

New stuff

2006-04-19 23:00:00

I got some new shirts and cufflinks recently. For some reason people like reading about my clothes... *shrug*. Well, here are my cufflinks... ...

Did Wendy's sign a cheese contract?

2006-02-11 00:00:00

Yeah, so I was hungry today and decided I'd go to Wendy's. I also needed gas and money, so it was a useful errand trip to the bank and ...

Fibre sucks!

2006-02-07 00:00:00

"Oooooo, I'm fiber... I break everything I touch." It was taunting me. That's what our NAS (Network Attached Storage) cluster was taunting me with last night at 9PM ...

Superbowl XL Champions!!!

2006-02-05 00:00:00

Did you hear it? Seriously, did you hear it? I did. "Here we go Steelers, here we go!" I heard it all throughout the game. ...

New ties

2006-02-04 00:00:00

Since Christmas I've gotten a few new ties. Pretty neat ones if I may say so myself. I figured I'd share them with anyone who cared. ...

More scripts and project FileFly

2006-01-24 00:00:00

Well I had said before that I was writing some scripts at work. I decided to share them with you. They both are vbscripts. The first one ...
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STEELERS, singing, and scripting

2006-01-22 00:00:00

How bout them Steelers!!! I got to watch the first 3 quarters live, but then had to get on the road back to the Mount for choral practice. ...

My bad luck at work

2006-01-06 00:00:00

Forest underscore-zone zone transfers matter In our environment, we are sharing a single DNS namespace with Windows and *NIX hosts. Because of this, BIND owns (the same namespace as ...

Happy New Year, Work, Fun with Dick & Jane, and New Computer

2006-01-04 00:00:00

Yeah, the title makes it seem like I have a lot to talk about. So Happy New Year!!! As usual, I did nothing special. I was going ...

Christmas and Christmas Party

2005-12-26 00:00:00

Christmas kind of snuck up on me this year. I remember thinking back in August, "Hmmm, school should be starting about now. Christmas is a loooong time away." ...

New Site Design

2005-12-21 00:00:00

Well, the old site had been up for about a year and I thought I'd be productive with my downtime and redesign it. I started by making a site ...

Kelli's Chorus Concert

2005-12-19 00:00:00

Tonight was my sister's Christmas chorus concert. It was as to be expected, until the Senior Chorus took the stage. One of their songs was Believe from the ...

Christmas/Birthday Party

2005-12-17 00:00:00

This Saturday was a little Christmas party. Well, actually the Christmas party was a cover for a surprise birthday party. One of the girls I work with in ...


2005-12-10 00:00:00

Saturday was an organized trip for Mount Aloysius alumni to New York City. It started with an early wake at, yes that's right, 2AM Saturday morning. We were ...

CTC Christmas Party

2005-12-04 00:00:00

Last night was CTC's Christmas Party. It was a blast. I originally wasn't going to have a date, as the two girls I asked bailed. However, one ...

Another trip to Alexandria and White Paper

2005-11-16 00:00:00

So Sunday night I went on my second trip to Alexandria. This time was for more observation than anything else. The vendor, which happens to be based from ...

Masters degree and mysterious phone call

2005-11-01 00:00:00

Today during lunch there was a meeting for anyone interested in a masters degree program that could possibly be coming to CTC. Yes, you heard me, coming to CTC. ...

Back from Alexandria and SNL

2005-10-27 23:00:00

Well I got back from Alexandria late Wednesday night. It was a cool three days. Actually, interesting is a better word. When I got into the office ...

Blind date, Alexandria, and a new phone

2005-10-21 23:00:00

So at the beginning of last week one of my friends starts talking to me under an unfamiliar screenname. I thought she was being like most other morons out ...

I have a fever...

2005-09-29 23:00:00

...and the only cure is more shoes! That's right, I'm stylin' and profilin'! I got my second pair of shoes in the mail today... Yeah, some say my shoes ...

Howdy Cowboy!

2005-09-24 23:00:00

My dad left for Texas last week. He's one of about 15 from this area (Johnstown, Indiana, Somerset, Altoona) who went to help restore power to the 600,000+ residents ...

Can my life get any worse?

2005-09-14 23:00:00

Well, I guess I could be dead. That would be worse, right? Things at work have been going great. I'm actually the person in charge of our new wireless ...

It's really over

2005-08-27 23:00:00

I guess no amount of work would help us out. I went over Friday night and we had a great time. I woke up Saturday morning around 11. ...

The page has been turned

2005-08-22 23:00:00

I came home today and had to help my mom with an excel spreadsheet. She needed to make one look like something she had on paper. She had ...

Turn the page

2005-08-20 23:00:00

Another day is gone, and another chapter has been written. I can only hope that this story follows suit in the tradition of classic love stories. I can ...

What the friggin $%#@$@%#@#%

2005-08-09 23:00:00

Let's play a little game, shall we? What is this? A. The pin to a grenade the size of my head B. A Presto Pin C. The item that impaled my tire ...

Too much time to think

2005-08-07 23:00:00

Ya know, I was talking to Mary tonight on IM and I started thinking, "What happened?" All of a sudden it's like I'm the last person she wants to ...

Mary's Family Reunion

2005-08-06 23:00:00

This weekend was fun! It was Mary's family reunion. I was kind of surprised when she invited me to it a month or two ago. I mean, ...

Aaron's Graduation Party

2005-07-29 23:00:00

Saturday was Aaron's graduation party. Yes, it does seem a little late, considering we graduated the first week of May. Either way, I wasn't going to miss it. ...

Oh White Water, Keep On Runnin'

2005-07-23 23:00:00

This weekend was fun. It was the annual camping and rafting trip at Ohiopyle (or nearby). We camped at the Tall Oaks campground, which is in the middle ...

You're invited!

2005-07-15 23:00:00

Kevin: I would like to extend an invitation to you to the pants party. Mary: Excuse me? Kevin: The pants party... The party... with the pants... Mary: Do you mean that there's ...

Moved image storage to

2005-07-11 23:00:00

Because Verizon is stupid and only gives me 10MB of website storage, I had to resort to offsite storage for my images. I had an account at for ...

You kiddin' me? Nope, I'm SIRIUS!

2005-07-05 23:00:00

So my dad got SIRIUS satellite radio for his Jeep. He decided to go with the lifetime membership, which cost around $500. After using his logon to the ...

Company Re-Org, Fun Weekend, Fourth

2005-07-03 23:00:00

Ok, so Friday was July 1. That's the day that the company had a reorganization. Specifically my group. We're always getting thrown around. Anytime there is ...

Def Leppard, State Police Youth Camp, Birthday Party

2005-06-25 23:00:00

A pretty eventful couple of days. Thursday was awesome! Mary and I went to the Chevy Ampitheatre in Pittsburgh at Station Square to see Def Leppard. Tesla ...

A little overdue... sorry.

2005-06-21 23:00:00

Whopps. Looks like I forgot to check in for the past month. Lots of stuff has happened. The week of the 6th I was in Annapolis for work. ...

Finally 21!

2005-05-21 23:00:00

Wednesday, May 18, I turned 21. Since it was a work day, we decided to go to happy hour at Chili's after work. I had no clue what ...

Could my life get any better?

2005-05-13 23:00:00

Well, my day started out with a nice greeting from the other side of the world. Since Thailand is 11 hours ahead of us, I was waking up as ...


2005-05-10 23:00:00

I don't even know where to start... Oh wait, got it. It all started a few days before graduation. I only have four graduation tickets, however five family members ...

Move, new monitor, and graduation

2005-05-05 23:00:00

I moved back home last week, that was a pain. But I decided that I was going to get a new computer desk... a smaller one. I ended ...

Semi-Formal and Musical

2005-04-16 23:00:00

April 9 was the Mount Aloysius Semi-Formal. I went without a date, but in the back of my mind I kept telling myself I would leave with one. ...


2005-03-25 00:00:00

OK, so have you ever seen that FedEx commercial where the guy is not quite dressed because delivery people never show up when they're supposed to, then the FedEx guy ...

DB Design test, possible vacation, and Netgear WAP repurposing

2005-03-11 00:00:00

Since I'm a genius, and am graduating with a BS in three years, I had to overload lots of semesters. However, there are two classes I could not get, ...

Brad Paisley, Sara Evans, and Andy Griggs

2005-02-26 00:00:00

Wow! That pretty much sums it up. My sister and I went to the concert tonight and it was awesome. Even though I didn't really know any ...

Job Interview

2005-01-27 00:00:00

A few new positions have opened up at work in another group. I have been interested in information security for some time now. So, I decided to apply ...

Alias, School, and more...

2005-01-12 00:00:00

Lots of things have happened. First off the new season of Alias started last Wednesday. It's awesome! Definately not where I thought it was going to go. ...

Double dose of happiness

2005-01-02 00:00:00

Two good things happened today. First, I finished organizing my music collection. I used to have every song in one folder without ID3 tags. Then I started ...

Happy New Year!

2005-01-01 00:00:00

Another year gone... I never did like changing to a new year. I always forget when I write the date on important papers, i forget how old I ...

I hate computers!

2004-12-31 00:00:00

The computer in my mom's office has needed redone for quite some time. So I finally decided to do something about it. It's an old 300MHz AMD K-6 ...

Site layout takes shape

2004-12-30 00:00:00

Wow, today really sucked. There was even less to do today than yesterday. Needless to say, I had a lot of time to work on this layout. ...

Website construction has begun

2004-12-29 00:00:00

Well, I got bored at work between Christmas and New Years. It seems that everyone takes off on those days, which left me with not a lot of work ...