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2007-02-18 12:52:18

Beryl skydome image not working?

So you installed Beryl, you put a cool picture of giraffes as your wallpaper, and to complete the effect you want to put clouds as the skydome image. But wait, it's not working. You're just getting a solid color. There are two reasons for this. First, the image you selected might be too big for this type of rendering (as deemed by your video card) and second, it might not be in a 2:1 ratio.
Let's take care of the first one. Open a terminal and run
xvinfo | grep max
My machine shows this:
maximum XvImage size: 2048 x 2048
That means that when images are rendered with Xv, the size cannot exceed 2048x2048. But the image I selected was 1920x1200, so what's the problem?
The image also needs to be sized to a 2:1 ratio. 1920x1200 is definitely not 2:1. So, since my max image size is 2048x2048, I'll make that the width of the image. To get the 2:1, the height needs to be 1024. Resize the image (using Gimp or some other software) to 2048x1024, save, and check out your skydome. Here's a screenshot of mine so you can see what it's like.



2007-03-27 21:53:30

dave says...
I think I can see your root password on that shell on the other side of the box! Made you look.

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