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2005-03-11 00:00:00

DB Design test, possible vacation, and Netgear WAP repurposing

Since I'm a genius, and am graduating with a BS in three years, I had to overload lots of semesters. However, there are two classes I could not get, Database Design and Microcomputer Operating Environments. My advisor said that since I work with databases at work, I can test out of the class by completeing the final project. The class is taught in Oracle, but I don't use Oracle, so they let me use whatever I wanted. I chose to use the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) structure. I created the database, in third normal form, in MySQL, then wrote a web interface to interact with the database in PHP, and published it for my professor to use on my Linux desktop with the Apache web server. I had never done any PHP programming... ever. I taught myself the language in 2 evenings, thus taking a little more than 2 days to complete the final project. So, I have three credits without stepping in a classroom. Woohoo! On a more relaxing note, I have been thinking of doing something after graduation. I thought about going to Las Vegas. Well, two nights ago two of my friends came to my room. As I was talking to the one, she said she is going to Vegas after graduation. That's one awesome coincidence. Now I really want to go. On a note from home, I decided that since my DSL modem has a built-in WAP, I don't need the Netgear WAP active anymore. I configured the WAP portion of the DSL modem, encrypted it, hid it, then turned it on. Now I can repurpose the Netgear to somewhere else. I think I'll carry it with me, just incase...


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