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2007-01-18 21:22:12

Day 2 with my new TV...

...and it's still not hooked up. When it got here yesterday, it was pretty cold since it was in a FedEx truck for who knows how long. I decided to let it sit and get to room temperature, so I just let it be until the next day. Well today comes, I get home and eat, then it's time for church practice. By the time I get back, it's almost 8. I get to work.
I need to run two coax cables the length of the house, from the satellite box to my room so that I can hook up the satellite receiver in my room. The existing cable comes up through the floor in the corner of my room, so that meant dismantling everything to get to it. I moved the dvd player, the existing tv, the dresser, and all the crap that's around it. Once I finally got to the cable coming up through the floor, I had to go downstairs and find where it goes up. I went into the office area, removed some ceiling tiles, and started looking. I couldn't see anything at first. I moved some insulation and shoved my arm up there feeling around. I finally found the cable! It was VERY clear that this cable had been run before the office was built. It was hidden behind boards and crap. So after some stupid ideas, I decided to use the existing coax cable as a leader cable. I pulled some slack down through the floor, taped one of the new cables to it, went back upstairs, and started pulling. But OF COURSE, the hole in the floor is too small. I tried to enlarge the hole by shoving a screwdriver down there and pulling and pushing around the sides, but that didn't work. So I decided to go back downstairs, tape up the second cable, then go back upstairs and put the room back together. Since I need to do some drilling, this is a task for another day. :(


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