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2006-12-05 20:34:14

Madrigal and Virginia

This past weekend was the annual Madrigal Feast at Mount Aloysius. As always, it was a blast! I wasn't able to do it last year because it fell on the same weekend as the CTC Christmas party. But this year, since I don't work there, it doesn't matter. I also decided that I would sing tenor this year. I'm definitely not a bass anymore. If anything, you could call me a baritone. But bass was out of the question. Plus, it's more fun to sing high. I didn't realize until the rehearsal on Wednesday that I was one of three tenors. Yeah... all the rest of the guys sang the bass part. I didn't mind though. I'd prefer to be the only tenor. I hate depending on other people for things. That aside, the Madrigal was fun. The songs were great and the people great too. Saturday night was a little more interesting. That night there was an extra "play" inserted. The play was John proposing to Amanda.
After the Sunday performance, I jumped in the vehicle, picked up Goose at the office, and drove to Virginia. We are staying with Lorin, one of Goose's friends from college. This way we get a little extra money in our pockets. We got semi-lost about three times. The roads down here suck. They split into Y's and W's all over the place and they're not clearly marked. We took a few wrong exits and had to find a way to turn around and get back on the right road. We eventually made it to Reston in about 3.25 hours. We're only around 17 miles from the Falls Church office, but it took an hour to get there. Traffic wasn't too bad until we got to Falls Church. Then it sucked. Lots of cars and lots of red lights. But an hour wasn't too bad. We were expecting worse.
Today was pretty much just a big meeting. We met the people down here and got introduced to the system that we will be programming for. It looks like we're in for some fun times. The code looks rather messy and inefficient. Oh well. We'll have time soon enough to start writing. We might even get to start writing some code this week.


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