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2006-10-23 23:00:00

A Date Which Will Live In Infamy, Not Really

So today was the day. I got to work to find that my manager's office was dark. No problem. It can wait a few minutes. So I went to my desk. There I found a letter from a vendor. I opened it and noticed the words, "Bill To." That's not good. WOAH! $40,000! Apparently I was paying for the new warranties for two of our servers. But that wasn't all that bad, I now had an ice breaker. After talking to Eric and Scott for a few minutes, I walked back to my manager's office. I started by giving him the bill and saying, "Apparently I'm paying for these now..." He chuckled and took the bill. Then came the hard part. I reached over, closed his door, and sat down. I held out the letter saying, "I don't know how to do this." He read it and the expression on his face was less than memorable. I could live the rest of my life without seeing that look again. It was sadness, anger, and disbelief all rolled into one bad feeling. But he was very understanding. He had done the same thing some years ago, so he knows what I was going through. I knew this day would not be easy. We talked for a few minutes about where I was going, what I'd be doing, etc. Still in shock, he took the letter to his boss for their weekly meeting.
I walked back to my cube, fixed up the email I was going to send, and sent it:
My Dearest Family,

As some of you may know, an opportunity has recently presented itself to me; an opportunity which I have chosen to accept. As of November 3, I will no longer be an employee of Concurrent Technologies Corporation.

This decision has not been easy. Though my title has changed and my duties have shifted, I have only known that which I am leaving. From my first day, as a sophomore in high school, to my last day, one and a half years out of college, I have been striving to meet my one goal, to learn. Along the way I have met many friends and been mentored by many people, all of whom were crucial to the fulfillment of my desire to learn. Since my first day my skillset has grown exponentially. For this I owe many heartfelt thanks to those of you willing to take a chance on a young kid and trust that young kid despite his maverick attitude. If it was not for all of you I would not be where I am today.

I only hope that I have had as great an impact on your lives as you have had on mine. Maybe one day, if CTC has the need, I will be afforded the opportunity to once again work with the family I have been with for seven and a half years. But until then, thank you and farewell.

Within seconds I got replies, phone calls, and even had some people stop in my cube. It was a experience I won't soon forget. But now the fun really starts. In the next two weeks I need to make sure everyone else knows what I did and how I did it. But I need to keep my eye on the prize. I have a new opportunity approaching with new obstacles to conquer. And everyone knows I love conquering! ;)


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