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2006-09-08 23:00:00

Movie Review: Just Friends

Because of a friend's recommendation, I ordered "Just Friends." It arrived yesterday, but due to me having no time whatsoever, I just now watched it. I was very optimistic at the start of the movie. I like Amy Smart and Ryan Reynolds. It has to be good. Well, existentially, it was a good movie. But for actual people with emotions, the movie was a bit too real.
What do I mean, too real? Some movies are made such that you can watch, immerse yourself in that world, and enjoy the ride. You know it's just a movie, so if you do have any change of emotion during the movie, it's sympathetic. Then there are the "too real" movies. The movies in which the plot is something you've experienced before. While watching those type of movies, immersion is not the best idea. Why? Because your emotions will not be sympathetic, they'll be empathetic. You will relive those times you have experienced during the course of the movie. But the movies that do this to you are never full of happy moments. Oh no, that would be too good. They're full of the awkward, "close your eyes because you can't believe you did that" moments.
If you have watched this movie, you know what I'm talking about. There's the girl. You're friends with the girl. You hang out with the girl. Secretly you're in love with the girl. Every possible bad thing happens that prevents you from getting any further. That's the jist of it. Except that last sentence makes you feel all nervous in side. It's the butterflies all over again. You know what it feels like to be looking a girl in the eyes and not be able to say anything at all. You know what it feels like to like a girl and have the feelings not be returned. You know what it feels like to have some more popular kid beat you to the punch all the while wondering if you could _actually_ get to the punch.
While the acting was great and it did have a happy ending, I don't think I'll be watching this movie again.


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