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2006-09-06 23:00:00

It's almost vacation time!

So I was talking to Chrissy on MySpace and mentioned that I need a vacation. I got about a month of vacation time saved up and need to go somewhere. She said she feels the same way, that she needs to go somewhere; somewhere not PA. I agreed. So it was that easy, I had someone to go on vacation with. I looked around a little trying to get some ideas of where we could go. I thought about Ocean City and Atlantic City, but then realized I didn't want to drive anywhere. If I'm going on a vacation, I want it to be a real vacation. I was in Miami once, but only for a few hours, so I really didn't get to see anything but the [nude] beach. There's so much more to do in Miami; multiple beaches, clubs, bars, etc. I thought, that's where I want to go. So I brought up the idea and she liked it. Great! Now the fun part, trying to book everything. This was harder than I thought. I wanted to use a service that did everything for me in one shot: plane, hotel, and rental car. I started with Orbitz when my mom informed me of WCTravel. It was the service she used to book our Mississippi trip. I had already done some research on hotels in the area and found a very nice 4-star hotel on South Beach, the Beacon. So I started my search for vacation packages starting with flights. I got a non-stop to Miami and a 1-stop back. I already knew I wanted the Beacon, so that part was easy. Then I had to decide on the rental car. Hertz was the cheapest by far, but I didn't know if I wanted a compact or an intermediate. I started with intermediate, but realized I wouldn't be doing that much driving. A compact car is fine for the 20 minute drive from the airport to the hotel. So that was it, $1581 later I'm booked for an awesome vacation to South Miami. Now the hard part will be knowing I still have a little over a month before I leave :(


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