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2006-08-21 23:00:00


One of my really good friends, Kerrie, is moving to Rochester this weekend. With all of the stuff she has to get done before moving, I knew I would only have one more chance to see her before she goes. So tonight I wanted a nice evening with her.
I picked her up from work, to which I showed up very, very early. A little miscalculation on my part. No big deal. I didn't tell her where we were going to eat. I wanted the whole thing to be a surprise. I drove us down my favorite roads in Westmont and eventually pulled into a little parking lot next to a playground and some houses. Kerrie inquired why we were stopping at a house, so I told her we had a little walk to do before getting there. We walked across the playground, through a field that led to the huge flagpole, down the stairs, across the street, and to the Inclined Plane. My surprise restaurant was the City View Bar & Grill. By the time we sat down, it was dark outside. We got a window seat and the whole city was lit up. It was great. But she was preoccupied with moving and the constant text messages from her friend who is staying the night cause he has nowhere else to go.
I suck it up and continue on. We finish eating and head out. This was where I wanted to spend some time with her. It was dark, a secluded area, you can see the whole city... what more could you ask for. All I wanted was to sit at the top of the hill, hold her, and look at the stars. No sooner do we get to the top of the stairs there are people there. So much for seclusion. Not only that, but her phone rings. It's the friend at her place. AHH! We kept walking through the field towards the playground. I thought we could spend some time there, seeing as we're both big kids. It would have been fun. But the phone call didn't end quick enough and even more people came out of the woodwork. Seriously!...
Again, I suck it up because I still have time. I got her 3 little gifts that I still had to give her and I still had to take her back to work so she could get her car. I decided to give her two of the gifts when we reached my car. So I asked her to close her eyes and stand by the end of the car. I opened the door, got out 1 of the gifts, and turned back towards her. Instead of just closing her eyes, she had her hand over them, which in turn covered half of her face. C'MON! The second "gift" was a kiss. I just wanted to give her a kiss. So, casually, I poked fun saying that's how little kids close their eyes. She smiled and removed her hand. I leaned in and got within a few inches when she opened her eyes, didn't know why i was so close, and moved her head. The kiss landed somewhere on her cheek. Seriously!...
I think this is a testament to my luck, or lack thereof. Could anything else have gone wrong? I thought I had a great evening planned, I really did. I thought I had a romantic evening planned... nighttime, stars, view of the city, a walk, a kiss. But no, that's not how it works. That's never how it works.


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