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2006-06-22 23:00:00


This past Tuesday I left for Pittsburgh. It was again time to do a little acting for work. Our multimedia group gets contracted to produce video training applications for the Department of Corrections. For the past two years I got to be an extra in them. This year I was in most of the shots (whereas last year I was only in one). It was really fun too. I was an inmate. Well, I guess everything was fun except for the freakin boots that inmated wear. They're really hard. So hard, in fact, that they cut my ankle. You can see the scab now if you look. So every day I was shoving paper towels into my socks to try and protect my ankles from the razor boots. <voice type="sarcasm">Oh, and the color of the inmate uniforms were just darling. Brown pants and grayish brown shirts. They made me look amazing.</voice>
Tuesday night Dave, Craig, and myself went to a bike shop in Cranberry. Dave has just gotten a Triumph bike and wanted to get a jacket. I figured, what do I have to do... I'd like to get out and go somewhere. So we went and looked around. It ended up taking Dave almost 2 hours to find the right jacket and buy it. In the meantime, I got to sit on some awesome BMW and Ducati bikes. I want one now... I just have no place to keep it.
Thursday we finished up the shoot (1 day early). So we decided to all go out together that night for supper. Angie and Michelle wanted to go to the hotel's bar for drinks before everyone went for food and invited me along. Of course I wasn't going to pass that up. Michelle and I started the night with 2 beers and Angie had 2 glasses on wine... just to get loosened up a little. After talking for an hour or so we made our way to the subway so we could get to Station Square. Along the way they asked how old I was, I responded, "22." They were rather suprised. They thought I was a lot older. Plus one for me! And I also found out that both of them are 30. I had no idea. I would have guessed maybe 25. They both look like they're a lot younger than they actually are.
So we made it to the subway and waited for the "T". (Don't ask me, that's what it's called. I guess it's short for Train.) While we were waiting Ryan and Griffin came walking down the stairs, so we all took the "T" to Station Square. We thought it was going to be free cause we didn't have to get a ticket or anything, but found that once we got off there was a booth where we all had to pay $1.25. And get this, they don't do change. So if all you have is a $20, you're losing the other $18.75. Yeah. Anyway, we walked across the street and eventually made it to Houlihans where we were having dinner. That's where the fun began. Aside from the magic tricks I ate someone elses food. That's right. I orded a chipoltle chicken enchilada. When the waitress came around she asked who had the chicken fajitas. I heard the word "chicken" followed by a spanish word and said it was mine. I had eaten one fajita before the person who ordered the fajitas realized he hadn't gotten his yet. The guy across from me, Corey, our make-up artist, asked me what I was having. I told him an enchilada (still not realizing that's not what I had). He said, "That's not a enchilada." I looked down, realized he was right, and gave everyone a blank stare. I felt stupid. The other guy across from me, Dennis, our lead actor in this shoot, said that whole situation was like he was watching it on TV. I took that as a compliment :)
So they had this special, 3 mini margaritas for $7. I thought, that's definately for me. So I ordered a Blue Moon, Cosmo, and Adam and Eve. That turned out to be a great choice. Awesome! After we all finished we still wanted to do more, so we walked across the street to Bar Louie for the rest of the night. Now keep in mind, Michelle and Angie were already feeling happy cause they had continued their beer and wine endulging at dinner. Well at the bar we had tons of fun. It was a mixture of drinking, pool, and dancing, sometimes all at once. The cool part was that I got to become friends with the people who work at the same place, but who I don't really see all that often. It's nice to see people outside of work. Lauren couldn't stop saying how she was so glad she finally got to know me and I'm so fun. Lauren is usually quiet at work around people she doesn't know, but we became good friends that night. It was a little after midnight and we decided that was enough. I got a hug from Michelle, a BIG hug from Angie, and Lauren, Joy, the Captain (a real person, not the drink), and myself went back to the hotel.
The next day we woke up, went to the prison, packed up, and came home. So let's run down my drink list (impressive to me, but probably not to anyone else):
- 2 Yuenglings
- 1 Blue Moon
- 1 Cosmo
- 1 Adam and Eve
- 1 Snakebite
- 1 Captain and Coke


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