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2006-02-05 00:00:00

Superbowl XL Champions!!!

Did you hear it? Seriously, did you hear it? I did. "Here we go Steelers, here we go!" I heard it all throughout the game. It was an awesome game. For those of you who thought Ben's touchdown wasn't a touchdown, you're wrong. The rule is that the front of the white line is part of the endzone, and if the ball even touches that vertical plane, it's a touchdown. The ball went over that plane, only by an inch or two, but it definately broke the plane. And even if it didn't, the Steelers still would have won. And can you believe the two "gadget" plays. The first one I thought was a screwup. It looked like no one knew what was going on... everyone just stopped moving. Then out of nowhere Ben hands the ball off and there they go. Then the second play with Randel El throwing the pass to Ward. Awesome! I must admit that there were times I thought the Steelers could lose, like the interception. But I knew all the defense had to do was keep playing tough. They did. All the work finally paid off. Way to go Steelers!


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