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2006-01-04 00:00:00

Happy New Year, Work, Fun with Dick & Jane, and New Computer

Yeah, the title makes it seem like I have a lot to talk about. So Happy New Year!!! As usual, I did nothing special. I was going to go with my friends from work to Ace's to hear Ribbon Grass play, but I started falling asleep around 8 or 9 and decided it was best to not go. So I sat at home and watched the ball drop. Actually, no I didn't. I didn't see the ball drop in real-time. I was out getting some chocolate milk when the ball dropped. Luckily for me, I was Tivo'ing the entire celebration, so I rewinded a few seconds and saw it.
Work has actually been fun and rewarding this past couple weeks. We are finally upgrading our Active Directory infrastructure to Windows 2003. We were supposed to have a team of 4 doing the research and work, but when it came time to do it, only myself and Scott did anything. We did all the research, we put up with crapass VMWare in the lab testing the upgrade, and now we're doing all the work with the real upgrade. We have one forest and one sub-domain. Our plan is to upgrade one DC holding all roles in each domain then format and install the rest from scratch. We are 66% complete with the forest DC's. Once that is complete (that will happen tomorrow) we will start on the DC's in the sub-domain. Not only am I working on one of the most important projects in the company, but I have dual duties. Recently I was entrusted with access to our internal BIND server that controls everything. Since we have forest DNS residing in BIND, we would normally need our BIND admin to change all of the delegation entries, A, and PTR records while we do the installs. But since I can do that now, I have been taking care of BIND also. It's kind of cool... and fun.
So last evening Kerrie and I went to Italian Oven for dinner, walked around the mall for a bit, and went to see Fun with Dick & Jane. It was pretty good. Granted, it's not Anchorman good or 40 Year Old Virgin good, but still good. It had it's funny parts. I kept poking Kerrie during the movie. That was fun too. Then on the way down the corridor to the outside world, I grabbed a handful of Kerrie-butt. I was expecting a big reaction and possible a smack, slap, or punch. I got nothing of that nature. I think she liked it. Since I didn't see her on New Year's, I told her I'd give her a New Year's kiss when I saw her. So before we got into our cars to leave, we hugged and I gave her her kiss, which, by the way, happened outside in public. For those of you who don't know, she hates (or at least used to hate) affection in public. But she had no problem with this. I think she liked it. Yeah, that's it. She wants me.
And today after working on computers all day what did I do when I got home? You guessed it, I worked on a computer. But not just any computer. This was my brand new Dell Dimension E510 with a 3.0GHz HT processor, 1GB DDR2 RAM, 256MB ATI video card, DVD/CD-RW and DVD-RW, and a Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS. That's right, I once again have digital sound from my computer. I installed it from scratch, of course. I don't trust that Dell crap. I installed all the drivers, Windows Updated it, installed SAV and Zone Alarm, Office, lots of my other programs (gaim, Notepad++, PSP9, Firefox, iTunes, CDex, Goldwave), and then installed my two favorite games; Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield and Ghost Recon. I'm using my 24" Dell widescreen monitor at 1920x1200x32 and these games support it. They're awesome!


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