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2005-12-26 00:00:00

Christmas and Christmas Party

Christmas kind of snuck up on me this year. I remember thinking back in August, "Hmmm, school should be starting about now. Christmas is a loooong time away." Now it's over. Those in between months just flew by. I guess that's because I don't have any school work to do anymore. Anyway, Christmas morning was fun. My sister and I let my parents open all of their gifts first. I got my mom a cashmere sweater, my dad some Gore-Tex golf shoes, and my sister a Bulova watch. I got some shirts and ties, dress shoes, a leather jacket, a bin for my shoes, a suit case (not a suitcase) and a shoe case to go with it, an iHome for my iPod, and a flying saucer from my sister. I'm takin that to work to play with. :) I also got the Fantastic 4 and Polar Express DVD's, a pair of gloves, and a scarf from my aunts and uncles.
Today we went back up my aunt's because my cousins came in. We ate, watched them open their presents, and played with them for a few hours. Laurie was having fun with her digital camera and Ryan was playing with his race car track and Thomas the train songbook. I about wore out my voice from playing with them. I sometimes think I'd have more fun with their toys than they would.
After we left, I went straight to Angela's house. She was having a little Christmas party. I saw some friends I haven't seen in a while, Kevin and Tammy got engaged, and I also met some of Ang's friends from school. When I arrived the "pass the fruit" game was just starting. So I got in line. The first time through, the first player held an orange under their chin and had to pass it down the line to the next player who also had to hold it under their chin. Al was passing to me and my shirt was a little slippy so I couldn't get a good grip on the orange. It slipped out from under my chin and starting towards the floor when Al's boobs came to the rescue. Yes, she caught the orange with her boobs. So I pulled down the neck of my shirt, got the orange, and kept the line moving. Next was passing a banana between the knees. I'm not really sure which team won, but it was funny anyway. We also played Cranium and I was on a team with two of her friends who I didn't know. But that didn't matter, we were awesome. We won! Then we watched Don't Say A Word. That's a good movie. It was over about 12:30AM and I decided I'd get on home.


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