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2005-12-21 00:00:00

New Site Design

Well, the old site had been up for about a year and I thought I'd be productive with my downtime and redesign it. I started by making a site with a metal pipe feel, but that turned out too dark for my liking. I wanted to go with something rounded and simple. The metal pipe design was not all that simple. It was a wicked combination of CSS and tables, which I don't like anyway. So I decided to drop it. I had been browsing through people's blogs who wrote stories on doing cool stuff with Linux and decided I would take the best features from all of those and make my own. So a simple gradient banner, some tabs for navigation, and clean, crisp content came together after a few days of work. Starting with the old site, I decided to go all CSS with no styling done in the HTML pages. Boy was that a good choice. After I made the original template for this new site, all I had to do was copy and paste the content, and presto, everything took the form of my new site and was ready to go. Comments are always welcome. Of course, not everyone is going to like the new design, but I like it. It tested my CSS skills and made me find new ways of accomplishing things.


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