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2005-12-17 00:00:00

Christmas/Birthday Party

This Saturday was a little Christmas party. Well, actually the Christmas party was a cover for a surprise birthday party. One of the girls I work with in HR turned 30 last week, so some of her friends decided to throw her a little party. So I left for the party and thought I was doing good... I hadn't gotten lost yet. Well, that ended when I drove past their house by about two miles. So I turned around and again I missed it. I turned around again and finally managed to find the driveway. But anyway, no one cares about me getting lost.
I made my way inside, dropped off my jacket and stuff, and walked around saying "Hi" to everyone. As I was eyeing up the Hors' Dourves (yes, I didn't know it was spelled like that either) this beautiful girl walks into the room. I mind my own business until the conversation turns to making fun of a co-worker; how can I ignore that? The girl also got in on the fun-making. So I started talking to her. Heck, I'll talk to anyone willing to make fun of someone. As we continue, more people join in. I then find out that this girl has met Eric and was a little weirded out by him. Hmmm, that's odd. How could she have met him. Oh well. Then Jim says that she met Eric while at lunch one day. Lunch? Jim and this girl went out to lunch.... Uh oh! That's Jim's sister! Now I had heard rumors that Jim's sister was good looking, but c'mon. This girl was a supermodel. She must have gotten all of the "good looking" genes. I felt a little bad for being attracted to his sister and a little... not bad at the same time. If nothing else, Jim hates when people tell him his siter's hot. I am gonna play this one til the horse is dead.
We played some games, watched Amy open her presents, and ended by watching the 40 Year Old Virgin. That is a funny movie! "Is it true if you don't use it you lose it?" Anyway, I left around 2AM and made my way home.


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