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2005-12-04 00:00:00

CTC Christmas Party

Kevin and Becky Last night was CTC's Christmas Party. It was a blast. I originally wasn't going to have a date, as the two girls I asked bailed. However, one week before the party Ryan IM's me saying that Amanda's friend Becky might be available. Since my last blind date was a bust, I asked Amanda for a picture first. So she e-mailed me the picture. Hmmm... cute. I'll give this a shot. So I tell her to see if Becky wants to go. She does, and Amanda gives me her number. I give Becky a call and we talk for a while. But I'm not the best phone talker. Get me in person and you won't make me shut up, but on the phone... I suck. Seriously. Once I noticed some long pauses in between conversations, I said I needed to go eat supper, she said the same, and we let off for the night.
Saturday comes and I get to 7 Springs around 3:30PM. I got to my room and get into my white suit. As I'm on my way to Rhuel's room to meet up with him and Goose, I get a call from Ryan saying they arrived. So I changed my route and went to the lobby. As I turn the corner I see a taller girl who doesn't look anything like the picture. Hmmm... this isn't right. I keep walking and then I see becky. She is cute! Oh crap... just remembered... I freeze when I talk to girls I'm interested in. Well, this was no exception. Anyway, I helped her carry her stuff into the elevator. Ryan and Amy (the tall girl) got off at floor 7 and that's when I found out Becky was going to be staying in my room. No big deal, but she's never met me before. I guess Amanda made sure to let Becky know I wasn't a serial rapist. So we continue up to the 10th floor, get to the room, and Becky gets ready for the party. Aaron and Amanda come up to meet us and we all walk down to the party.
On the way we see Ed, our CFO. He says hi to Aaron, then he sees me... "Hi Kevin. You look very........... festive." You could tell he was searching for a word. But that was to be expected. I was the only person in a bright white suit and a red shirt with a white tie and my awesome red/white shoes. I got stares and compliments all night. It actually was kind of fun. We enter the hall to find that Connie and Eric have saved an entire table for all of us. This was awesome, because last year I almost lost my seat when people encroached. That sucked. But this year was better. We started off with drinks and stood around talking until it was dinner time. My total alcohol count was 3 Captain & Coke's, 1 White Russian, and 1 Amaretto Sour. Not enough to get me anywhere near inebriated. But seriously, it's not like I need it. I can act like an idiot sober. I do. All the time. Dinner was filet mignon, lobster tail, and some neato ranch baked potato.
After dinner we went into the bar/orderve area and talked for a while. Then we heard the music. It was dancing time. We danced almost the whole night. Even our bosses were dancing up a storm. Becky was awesome to dance with. We danced all of the slow songs and most of the fast ones until the end when her feet started hurting. We even danced to some rap. You know, the kind of dancing where the guy is behind and the girl is in front with her ass in the guy's crotch. Yeah... I've never danced like that before, but I gotta tell ya, it was fun. I probably looked like an idiot doing it, but it was still fun.
Near the end, Becky, myself, Ryan, and Amy retired to our rooms. Becky and I watched the Fresh Prince til we fell asleep. The next morning, Becky had to jet cause she was on call and the jerk that was covering for her said she had stuff to do and she wasn't going to cover. Honestly, she should be shot. The rest of us stopped at Eat 'N' Park in Somerset for some breakfast, then went home.


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