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2005-11-16 00:00:00

Another trip to Alexandria and White Paper

So Sunday night I went on my second trip to Alexandria. This time was for more observation than anything else. The vendor, which happens to be based from Australia, came in to do the install of their product and admin training. So Monday he did the install and made sure everything was going to work out. Then he did some training on the backend. Tuesday morning was when I got to play. He blew away the initial install and let me install it from my notes. Everything went well. I only have a few more things to do, such as install and configure BIND, configure backups, etc.
We had left Alexandria at lunch time on Tuesday, so I didn't see any work e-mail from 12PM on. Today when I got into work I saw an e-mail from my group's APC. The white paper a co-worked and I wrote finally made it's way through the approval chain and was approved for public distribution. During July 4 of us were locked in a room and had to figure out how to configure and use Altiris to manage our network. We were not able to find much information on this around the internet, so we decided to document everything we did. About a week or so into the process, we had a great idea; we'd make a white paper. No one else had done it. Why not us? So we did. It took about 4 months to go through all of the departments to make sure we didn't reveal any IP, but today was the day. It's finally ready. We have a contact at Altiris to send this to so that they can make a Knowledge Base article from it and I plan on posting it to Slashdot. Isn't that awesome!?!? Now I have a publication for my resume!


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