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2005-10-21 23:00:00

Blind date, Alexandria, and a new phone

So at the beginning of last week one of my friends starts talking to me under an unfamiliar screenname. I thought she was being like most other morons out there and having a gagillion screennames. (By the way, I HATE people like that!) Anyway, she asked if I was up for a blind date. Normally I would say no and that would be it. But, something in me has changed lately and I'm not quite as shy as I used to be. So I thought, "What the hell..." I later learned that the screenname she on which she was talking to me was the blind girl... I mean, she's not blind, but... she... oh you know. Anyway, I started to do a little ground work to see if I could dig up any information on her on the internet. (Yes, I'm good at stalking :) Anyway, what I really wanted to find out is what she looked like. Even though I'm not that shy anymore, I still wanted to know what this person looked like beforehand. So I was able to dig up two pictures of her...
Anyway, we were going to meet at Chili's at 7:30PM Friday night. Now, I get off work at 5, so that's a long wait. But before work let out one of my co-workers asked me if I'd help him move a double decker washer/drier combo from a house in Richland to Westmont. I'm always up for a challenge, so I helped. That took all of a half an hour. So, since I had lots of time to kill I went back to work and surfed the net for a while. Well, 7 o'clock came and I was sick of surfing the net. There are some times when I think I've seen everything the internet has to offer. Well... everything legal. So I went to Chili's with the intention of sitting at the bar, having a Captain & Coke, and waiting for them (my friend, her date, and the blind girl who isn't really blind) to show up. On my way to the bar I see a guy in a suit who looks kind of familiar. I just don't know his name. Either way, I walked past and heard my name called. I turned and saw the CFO of my place of employment (who I previously hooked up with a Treo to access his e-mail and stuff wirelessly). We talked for a minute and I then proceeded to a seat at the bar. I had noticed that the people with him were lots of higher-ups from my place of employment. So I sat down and noticed that some of them kept turning and looking at me. I know that Mr. CFO must have been telling them who I was, but I can only hope that he was saying good things... :-/ I pretended like I didn't notice them blatantly turning and staring at me and ordered my Captain & Coke.
I was almost done with the drink when Chrissy (the girl who set this up) comes walking in with her date (who I later find out is her brother). So I walk over and greet them and in walks the blind date. We wait for our table and then are seated.
So I'm going to Alexandria for work next week. I get to configure a cluster of Sun Solaris servers. Little do they know I know nothing about Solaris... <insert evil laugh here> Seriously, I know my way around, but Solaris is the thing I know the least about, so I'll be learning as I'm working. It'll be cool though. I like the Project Manager I'm going down there with so it should be a good three days. I should come out of there a Solaris expert (I hope).
My cell phone contractis up on Tuesday. I've been deciding whether to switch from Verizon to another provider or stay put. I did some research and though Verizon doesn't have the coolest phones they do have the best coverage everyplace I go. Other providers don't have the best of coverage, offering only 1 bar in my neck of the woods. So now that I have decided on Verizon I started looking at phones. I found the perfect one... the Motorola E815. It offers 283 hours of standby time on the normal battery, has all the features of every other cool phone, has a bigger screen, and judging from the reviews, is the best phone out there. I went to the mall tonight to see if I could switch out my phone and start another contract since I'll be in VA when my contract expires. The lady said since my dad's name is on the contract, only he can make changes to the plan, and even so I have to wait til Tuesday to get my new phone. That settled it. I'm sick of depending on other people to do things I want to so. I'm getting my own plan. So I have everything ready, but I still want to call the Verizon people to see if since I'm not staying on my current plan, but am staying with the provider, I still qualify for the $100 towards a new phone with a 2 year contract. I was going to order my stuff 10 minutes ago, but the website assumes that I'm starting fresh, which in a way I am, but I'm really not. So I want to try and get the $100 cause the E815 is really expensive. Either way, I'll have it worked out by Tuesday so I can get off my current family plan and get my own.


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