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2012-03-19 09:55:07

Journey To The Past

On March 18th I went on a little scavenger hunt. I thought it would be nice to have pictures of the gravestones of the deceased members of my family so I went three local cemeteries to find the graves. I had only known the location of my grandparents' grave at Armagh Cemetery prior to this point. Through the Internet I was able to find exact locations and maps for Grandview Cemetery ( and what I thought was an exact location at St. Casimir's Cemetery ( As it turns out, there is no map of St. Casimir's Cemetery that I could find. It is obviously divided into sections based on the records, but I had no idea what was what. I ended up walking up and down every single row of the cemetery until I found my great grandparents, who were probably laughing at me because they were right by the entrance.
At any rate, here is all of the information I gathered on my journey.

UPDATE 2013-05-27: On Memorial Day I took a walk through St. Joseph's cemetery in Geistown after the morning mass to find the headstone of my mom's grandparents.

UPDATE 2013-06-04: I took a drive to East Taylor and found my great great aunt & uncle in the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mother Cemetery.

Armagh Cemetery, Armagh, PA

Armagh Cemetery

Name Birth Death Location
Francis J. Slonka, Sr. May 19, 1924 August 4, 1992
Anna C. (Dziagwa) Slonka September 23, 1927 April 11, 1994
Francis & Anna Slonka

St. Casimir's Cemetery, Johnstown, PA

St. Casimir's Cemetery

Name Birth Death Location
Jan Slonka April 15, 1881 November 13, 1933 01
Angeline (Ozog) Slonka July 15, 1894 July 3, 1947 01
Jan Slonka
Here lies in sweet peace
Jan Slonka
Born April 15, 1881
Died November 13, 1933
Asks for a Hail Mary

Angeline Slonka
Asks for prayer

Grandview Cemetery, Johnstown, PA

Grandview Cemetery

Name Birth Death Location
Edward J. Slonka, Sr. November 3, 1921 November 14, 1999 800
Dorothy M. (McGilvery) Slonka November 12, 1920 September 27, 2006 800
Ed & Dorothy Slonka

Name Birth Death Location
Agnes S. (Skkuner) Slonka April 11, 1929 July 24, 2006 823
Agnes Slonka

Name Birth Death Location
Jacob Slonka March 30, 1915 April 29, 1984 926
Agnes V. (Janidlo) Slonka March 31, 1920 January 9, 1987 926
Jacob & Agnes Slonka

Assumption Cemetery, Johnstown, PA

Assumption Cemetery

Name Birth Death Location
Walenty Slonka July 5, 1877 March 25, 1952 L11-13
Tekla (Pisula) Slonka March 25, 1890 October 3, 1972 L11-13
Walenty & Tekla Slonka

St. Joseph Cemetery, Johnstown, PA

St. Joseph Cemetery

Name Birth Death Location
Thomas M. Dickert 1893 1972
Frances M. Dickert 1899 1973
Thomas & Frances Dickert



2012-03-19 12:31:57

mom says...
My grandparents (Pappy's mom & dad) are buried in the cemetery next to St. Benedict in Geistown. My other grandparents (Grandma's mom & dad) are buried in Mundy's Corner next to Pike Grace Brethern Church. You should go check them out. I'll have to give you the names.

2012-03-19 18:50:29

Anonymous says...
Kev, ya did good. But look a little better at ST.Casimir
and you will find Our other Grand Parents ,Your Great Grand Parents . DZIAGWA .They are down in the middle bottom around the curve. I took Kelli and Mom there and showed then last year. Here this will help .

2012-03-19 18:55:34

Dad says...
So funny you did this. I was working up there last week and i got to have lunch with my grand parents. Kinda weird i know but i loved it. Got to talk to them on my own terms.
It's good to know someone got's your back

2012-03-20 05:18:42

slonkak says...
Mom, definitely give me all of the information you have and I'll get the pictures.

Dad, I did find the Dziagwa graves and took pictures. I figured they were probably related, but didn't know how. I'll have to add them to this page.

2012-04-09 11:48:02

Anonymous says...

2012-04-09 12:55:30

slonkak says...
Oooooo, two more!!! Thanks!

2013-09-22 07:30:42

Anonymous says...
Your missing my mother Mary (Sears)Slonka, Matilda(zeralski)Slonka and Josaphine ( Mandragoc)Slonka and Sophie(Barcheski)Slonka. My spelling of the Polish names leaves a lot to be desired. Sorry,

2013-09-22 08:13:47

slonkak says...
Do you know where they are and an approximate location? I'll gladly take a trip to find them.

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