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2010-07-06 07:53:35

Slonkast Episode 8

Name: Slonkast Episode 8
Artist: Kevin J. Slonka
Album: Slonkast
Year: 2010
Genre: Podcast
Comments: Kevin talks about imperialism, mobile phones, the iPhone 4 debacle (or lack thereof), and much more. (2010-07-05)

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2010-07-07 19:03:10

Brian Wechtenhiser says...
I've been enjoying your last several podcasts, but I've gotta say that this episode is not faring well. I'm only part way through it and you've already made me gag repeatedly. What I'm specifically referring to are your claims and conclusions against Android. I'd love for you to mention on the show where you get your facts. I'm not disputing them, but I do take exception to your conclusions and resultant radical recommendation that nobody should buy an Android based handset. It's apparent that your normal co-host, Ryan Lantzy, brings a voice of reason to the show, and that left unchecked you appear to run a bit on the boundaries of reality. Please- provide sources. I'll continue to listen to the show- I can't wait to hear how you might sugar coat the various iPhone 4 issues that have surfaced.

2010-07-07 20:01:36

slonkak says...
Thanks for the feedback. You bring up a good point. When mentioning statistical facts, I should mention their source or at least the article from which they came. That shouldn't be too hard to do as I always have the articles up in front of me. It's just a matter of making a mental note to do that. That also makes me think of another thing, since I make a "talking points" document for each show. I'll have to remember to upload the document which contains all of the articles we talk about and the URLs.

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