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2005-08-06 23:00:00

Mary's Family Reunion

This weekend was fun! It was Mary's family reunion. I was kind of surprised when she invited me to it a month or two ago. I mean, normally meeting the whole family is something people try to keep their significant others away from. I kind of feel special that I got to go.
Friday I went there after work. Well, not right after work. I went home and packed first. The reunion was at the farm where Mary's mom and her family grew up. I had only been there once or twice and neither of the times had I driven. So, needless to say, I had no clue how to get there. On my way home from work, Mary called to see when I was coming. I told her I was on my way and she gave me directions. She said that if I just followed 403 I'd be there... 2 hours and 15 minutes later, I arrive. Let's recap my little journey, shall we? I got on 22 and took 403 North. They said follow 403 the whole way, so I did. I didn't know where 403 went past Dilltown, so I was going on blind trust. Well, I found myself in Penns Manor, then in Clymer, then in Marion Center. Is was there that 403 ended, and I was not at the farm. So I called Mary, told her that her directions were ass, and proceeded to Ebensburg with the intention of going to her house and making her pick me up. So I took 119 from Marion Center to Indiana and caught 422. I was on my way to Ebensburg when I saw a sign that said, "Ebensburg 11, Northern Cambria 13." The route marker was for 271. I slightly remembered that road for some reason, so I turned. A few minutes later I was going right past the farm. I was finally there. It was totally by accident, but I was there.
Then as we walked around I got to meet all of her family; cousins and everything. They made me feel very welcome. Saturday was the long day though. We were there for the entire day. It started with breakfast at Kosta's in Ebensburg. Mary, both her brothers, her niece, and her cousin had salad for breakfast. Not just salad, buffalo, crispy, and regular chicken salad... with extra Ranch dressing. Odd, but I'm sure everyone reading this has eaten weirder things for breakfast. After that the day was filled with things such as hitting balls at the driving range, a treasure hunt, food, fishing, shooting, swimming, etc. And beyond that, Mary's dad asked me to play horseshoes. Now, in my family, horseshoes is "the game." It's the same people every year and no one else plays. I'm not sure if it's the same way with them, but that too kind of made me feel special.
Overall, I had a blast, and I got to spend the whole weekend with Mary!


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