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2005-07-29 23:00:00

Aaron's Graduation Party

Saturday was Aaron's graduation party. Yes, it does seem a little late, considering we graduated the first week of May. Either way, I wasn't going to miss it. So I pull onto the road his parents live on and immediately I saw this huge inflatable thing with kids jumping on it. "That's the place," I said to myself. Aaron's parents we going to rent a ballpit for the little ones to play in, but instead rented this jumping thingy.
So as I get out of my car and walk up to the house, I run into Shalyn, Jimmy, Ryan, and Aaron. We talk for a little bit there, then proceed to the food. The food was good. It was catered by Parrot Bay's catering service. Some time after we finished eating it was the big kids turn to play on the jumpy thingy. The jumpy thingy also came with jousting sticks. Aaron and his brother had the first fight, which Aaron won, only because Jeff lost his balance and fell off. After that Jimmy and I jumped on and started jumping with the little kids. That was tiring. Then we decided to joust. That was even more tiring. I don't know what it was about this inflatable thing, but it took so much energy just to take a step, let alone expend a lot of energy fighting. Jimmy pretty much won since I was so exhausted. I spent all of my energy jumping with the kids first. But, no excuses, he did win.
Soon after that, it started to rain, and I mean RAIN. We hid on the porch until it stopped. Once it did, we went back under the tent and ate some more. At this point, Jimmy and I sat down and started talking about school, technology, and the like. He brought up a very interesting point about A.I. At what point do we consider computers intelligent? At this point in time, they really aren't. They are just doing what the code (which a human wrote) tells them to do. When it looks like robots are actually making decisions on their own, they're just running through conditionals (if... else statements) which were pre-programmed in. Supercomputers have come a long way, and one idea to make them have actual intelligence is to have one of these supercomputers simulate a human brain, with each cell and it's millions of connections to all other cells. This, of course, would be dependent on our knowledge of how the human brain works, which is nowhere near that point as of yet. And even when we do understand the human brain, to be able to replicate it on a supercomputer; that would be a feat. But, one could say, at that point computers would have actual intelligence. Something to think about...
Soon after eating, most people started to leave, and Ryan, Jimmy, Aaron, and I moved to the fire. We sat there and talked, with random appearances by Aaron's dad and Amanda, until 12:30. Well, It was at 12:30 that I left. I'm sure they stayed outside for some time. Either way, good party, Aaron.


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