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2009-01-29 00:05:15

I'm Famous... At Least On The Internet

One of my regular shows from Revision3, Tekzilla, takes video questions from viewers and answers them on the show. I recently sent in a video question asking whether ethernet over the powerline would be any better than 802.11G for streaming HD content to my PS3, since 802.11G sucks. They must have liked my question so much that they named the entire episode after it. Here is the clip where I'm on the show:




2009-02-07 20:23:58

Dave says...
that's awesome! what do you normally use the mic and board for?

2009-02-07 20:36:42

slonkak says...
I started a podcast. If you look on the main page, you'll find the first two episodes. I need to put out a third, it's overdue. Also, I plan on recording music (guitar, vocals, etc.) once I get some longer cables.

2009-02-07 20:38:22

Dave says...
alright, i'll do that.. and i look forward to hearing the tunes. i want to thank you for teaching me mysql and php btw.. although i wasn't real into it at the time, it's consumed my life lately. let me know if you're interested in seeing what's come out of what you taught me so far.

2009-02-07 21:08:32

slonkak says...
Definitely! Show me what you've been working on. I'm glad you found the class useful. It's definitely a teachers best moment when a student thanks him for a class.

2009-02-07 21:20:21

Dave says...
Great! is the website. I started it in October, starting with the basics you taught me and learning more as I went along. I'm sure you can find a lot of things wrong with it, but I'm always working on it (put in 6 hours last night alone) and it's definitely a step up from the mysql final project we did in class that you practically had to show me exactly how to do 85% of.

2009-02-09 22:59:53

Dave says...
so what do you think?

2009-02-09 23:20:33

slonkak says...
Lookin' good, man. Definitely better than the class project ;) My only suggestion is to style the "success" pages instead of just having them as plain text (e.g., when you change your info or when you successfully register). Make them look like the rest of the site. Other than that, pretty good.

2009-02-09 23:57:56

Dave says...
yea, i was doing that, but then when i restructured the processing pages all into one so that all processes are performed through the same page, i started getting this "headers already sent" error whenever i included html before the php.. so i just removed it for now.

2009-02-10 00:15:38

slonkak says...
Yeah, whenever you use header() it needs to happen before ANYTHING gets sent to the client. Not even an opening <html> tag or an error message can be printed or the header() function won't work. You also have to make sure you send them in the right order if you're sending more than one. I usually only send one header, Location, for page redirects.

2009-02-10 00:51:52

Dave says...
yea, that's what this header was being used for.. to redirect back to the original page after the action is processed. the header function is pretty deep into the code, so where exactly do you suggest i place the html? before the php doesn't work, and if i echo it in php, it will still end up before the header..

2009-02-10 09:16:44

slonkak says...
Maybe I wasn't clear. When you use the Location header, you can't print anything to the page, ever. The general rule of thumb is instant gratification. If someone is signing up, don't give them a message that they've signed up, automatically log them in and redirect them to their profile. If someone is posting a comment, don't tell them that their comment has been posted, redirect to the page that shows the comment. You should only display status messages upon errors. When things are successful, people should immediately see the fruits of their labor.

Also, it doesn't matter how deep into the code the header function is, just as long as nothing gets sent to the client before header() is called.

2009-02-10 13:45:55

Dave says...
ohhh okay. i get it now.

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