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2009-01-19 09:08:13

Weather Integration For Google Calendar

Who out there uses Google Calendar? Not you? Are you an idiot? Well, if you don't use Google Calendar you should probably stop reading. For those of us who know how extremely useful Google Calendar is, this will make it even more useful. Aside from having your calendar information accessible from anywhere, on any device, and able to be synced to almost any device and application, you can also integrate the weather into your Google Calendar. You're probably having the same first thought that I did; "Really, who needs that?" Well, you do.
If you live in a state that gets snow, such as PA, the weather plays a crucial role in your decision to make doctor appointments, buy concert tickets, or plan dates. Most people, when scheduling one such appointment (either by phone, internet, etc.) will have their calendar in front of them so they know when they are available. During the winter months, people are also either trying to remember what their local news said about the weather or have a new web browser tab open with the local weather to make sure they don't schedule their appointment on a day when a foot of snow is supposed to fall. Why can't all of this be in one interface? Now it can.
Open your Google Calendar and goto Settings. Once there, enter your zip code into the "Location" box. Next, select either Celsius or Fahrenheit under "Show weather based on my location." That's it! Now when you look at your Google Calendar, you will see a little weather in the upper left corner of the current day and for three days into the future. Now you can schedule your week and be confident that the weather will not surprise you.


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