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2009-01-14 20:42:17

Slonkast Episode 1

Name: Slonkast Episode 1
Artist: Kevin J. Slonka
Album: Slonkast
Year: 2009
Genre: Podcast
Comments: Kevin discusses his studio, HDDVD vs. Blu-Ray, the PS3, and Twitter. (2009-01-10)

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2009-01-16 13:42:33

DeVito says...
It wasn't because Sony has deep pockets...

2009-01-16 14:05:45

slonkak says...
@DeVito That was one argument for Blu-Ray that I neglected to bring up, however, that's the mainstream media's "reason" for choosing Blu-Ray. Of course they can't say "we were paid off." But we all know Sony paid the studios. The 200+ million dollar deals were made public.

2009-01-16 15:58:45

Anonymous says...
In addition you bring up that you cannot watch extras but I think you were a bit misleading. If you took a movie and had it on DVD and then bought it on Blu-Ray you can watch the same extras. Watching "the more advanced" expanded or interactive extras created specifically for Blu-Ray release is dictated by the player you have vis a vie Profile 1.0, 1.1 or 2.0. But you can still watch extras...So If anything I think having a different set of players on the market is not so bad especially since profile 1.0 players can probably be had for a song on ebay. So someone who is on a budget and isn't ready to commit to the tech until they have spent some time with it can now do so for a more reasonable cost.

2009-01-16 15:59:47

DeVito says...
Opppsie!!! (Mortal Kombat voice)

Last post was mine!!!



2009-01-16 16:11:16

slonkak says...
@Anonymous/DeVito :) Finish Him! Anyway, I did assume that people knew I was speaking of the interactive extras (i.e., BD-Live). You are correct, the normal extras that you would find on regular DVDs can still be played. However, one of the bigger selling points of Blu-Ray is the BD-Live feature, and an extremely large number of people can't experience that until they shell out _more_ money for _another_ Blu-Ray player.

2009-01-16 16:18:48

DeVito says...
Nice!!! It's not often people bandy around MK Lingo...I heard MK vs DC is a good game you should check it out on PS3 if it's available.


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