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2008-11-12 21:24:15

iPhone Earbuds: A New Way To Use Your Phone

I've had the iPhone for a couple of months now, but refused to use it as an iPod. A few weeks ago I decided to sync some music to the iPhone. Within the past week, since I now have a Mac, I decided to use iTunes as my podcast aggregator and sync all of my non-full-length-tv-show podcasts to the iPhone. Why is all of that important? It's important because I have had the earbuds in my ears non-stop for the past couple days catching up on the countless hours of podcasts I need to watch/listen to.
Occasionally, I receive a phone call. The cool thing with the iPhone earbuds is the little box type thingy on the one cable. If you're an audiophile, you've looked at the jack, noticed the number of rings, and already know what I'm going to say. If you're not, here's what I'm going to say. The jack has 3 rings: ground, audio out, and wait for it.......... audio in. That's right, the earbuds contain a mic, but where? The little box thingy.
Awesome, right? You can use your phone without having to take out your earbuds and holding the phone to your face. But how do you answer your phone when it rings? Normally the phone would be in your pocket, so you couldn't answer it the normal way. Apple has thought of that. That little box thingy that houses the mic, also a button. You can squeeze it and it clicks. When you receive a call, the song you're listening to pauses, your ringer plays, you click the little box thingy, and start talking. How awesome is that?
I've had two calls this evening and used the earbuds for both. Neither person realized I wasn't speaking directly into the phone, so the quality is on par.

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