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2008-08-02 14:24:32

BREAKING: Dishwasher Earns Black Belt In Karate


In an unprecedented event, the Whirlpool Quiet Power 980 has become the first dishwasher in the history of the world, nay, the universe, to earn a black belt in the martial art of Karate. In a secret, closed-door session, Whirlpool faced many challenges.
First it faced sharp, cutting pain as it whisked food off of a series of steak knives. It's second battle was none-the-lesser; using the power of meditation to melt the grease right off of the cast iron plates of a grill named Foreman. Those two challenges were all to easy for Whirlpool, who had been preparing for this event ever since it was assembled.
"I just have to take my time, not get cocky, and do the only thing I know how to do. Clean with a vengeance." said Whirlpool before the proving session started. And clean it did. As you can see from the pictures, the wooden cutting board was no match for the wrath of Whirlpool. It is the mark of a true Karate master when the board has been broken without a single splinter.
Whirlpool promptly went behind closed doors again to prepare for what will be, perhaps, it's toughest battle yet; the plastic cutting board.
Live on the scene at Johnstown, PA, I'm Kevin Slonka reminding you to treat your dishwashers with care, or you may be next.



2008-08-03 10:43:27

mom says...
I don't think wooden cutting boards were meant for the tremendous pressure of a dishwasher. Couldn't you see where it was glued together in the middle? Don't you remember mine didn't last that long and I hand washed it always. With the water and the heat, it was bound to crack in two.

2008-08-14 09:55:36

Matt Simmons says...
I think it's from the heat and the water...

plastic cutting boards go into the dish washer. Wood and bamboo I hand wash

2008-08-14 10:16:20

slonkak says...
I just bought a plastic board, so hopefully my dishwasher's karate career is over. ;)

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