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2008-07-10 10:38:22

Toshiba Not Giving Up On HD-DVD?

Everyone knows that I picked the better technology in the middle of the HD war, HD-DVD. It's too bad that Sony is richer than Toshiba and bought out EVERY movie studio and company backing Toshiba, because now we're stuck with a company dictating "the way" to us who doesn't give a crap about their customers. That's right, Sony, for all intents and purposes, sucks.
Don't get me wrong, I own Sony stuff. When Sony makes hardware, it's great. But HD video isn't just hardware (the dvd player), it's software (the operating system running on the dvd player). And we all know about Sony's reputation in the software world *cough*rootkit*cough*.
I'm sorry, but they just suck. They released players into the world without a final BluRay spec. What does that mean to consumers? Well, if you bought a BluRay player, unless it's a PlayStation 3, it won't be able to play bonus content on BluRay discs once the new spec gets finalized. Why? The new spec mandates that BluRay players have a network connection and a hard drive. NONE OF THE CURRENT PLAYERS HAVE THOSE. So if you like bonus content on your dvds, you'll have to go buy another player. Thanks Sony!
Ok, enough about how much Sony is screwing everyone with BluRay. I got home yesterday and found a CD in my mail. It was from Toshiba. That's right, they're still shipping updates to their HD-DVD players. So what does this mean? Well, for one thing it means that Toshiba actually cares about their customers and is trying to make sure their product is top-notch, despite Sony trying to run them out of business. Second, despite previous reports that Toshiba has shut down it's HD-DVD operations, they're still shipping updates. So obviously their HD-DVD operations aren't shut down.
This may just be my wishful thinking, but HD-DVD and Toshiba haven't given up yet...


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