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2005-07-03 23:00:00

Company Re-Org, Fun Weekend, Fourth

Ok, so Friday was July 1. That's the day that the company had a reorganization. Specifically my group. We're always getting thrown around. Anytime there is a re-org of sorts, you can count on my group getting jumbled. We were pretty scared for this one though. Rumors were flying and tempers were flaring. I'm surprised a fight didn't break out. Seriously. There are some things, which I can't mention, that make work suck every day. Certain people, that is... But aside from that, I'm getting pretty fed up with the way things work in my group. I've worked at that company for six years as an intern. Six years! That's right, I started after my sophomore year of high school. I worked my rear end off every day I was there; learning everything I could, participating in everything I could, hoping that when it comes time to get hired full-time, it would pay off and result in a higher start status, different job title, something. Well, it didn't. I got screwed. I got put in the helpdesk group, my job title was made up out of the blue (which because of the way HR determines your salary, made it possible for me to be paid crap because no one else in the company had the same title as me), and, as I just said, my salary sucks! Well, because of that whole situation, I'm trying to find work outside of my group. Better pay, better work, and more chance for upward movement.
Yeah, so, the weekend was fun. Mary and I went to see Madagascar after work on Friday and she ended up staying the night. ^_^ Anyways... Saturday we went to one of my neighbor's graduation party. Then on Sunday we went to Ferndale, Moxham, then Roxbury, then back to Ferndale. Yeah, a little out of the way, huh? Thanks Eric!!! Moron! Oooo, the party's on Houston Street. Well let me fill you in on a little something... THERE IS NO HOUSTON STREET IN FERNDALE! So after driving all over creation, we went to Eric's house in Roxbury and waited for him. Then we all drove in a caravan to the party, which was on Austin Street. Yeah, Austin Street. Well, at least he was close. Austin and Houston are both cities in Texas. Assclown! Anyway, the party was at the house of the lead singer of Ribbongrass. It was fun. We watched the Pirate game, had food, four frozen strawberry margaritas, played some games, then left. We stayed until around 6. After that we went driving around Southmont, old Westmont, and new Westmont looking at the houses for sale. We both really like the old Westmont area. I guess I'll have to take a deeper look into those houses around there. Then we went back to Mary's house because she needed to get some pictures from her trip to New Zealand. She has a job interview at the Mount Tuesday and has to do a presentation. So she is doing it on her trip to New Zealand. So we got the pictures, waited to see if Family Guy was on TV, then when it wasn't, we went back to my house.
Today I was really tired. Not sure why... or am I? ^_^ But we woke up around 9 something and watched Pirates of the Caribbean. I fell asleep near the end of it. Mary and Kelli went up Dode's and swan for some time. By the time they were done it was time for our little fourth of july get together. It was just my family, Mary, and Dode and Uncle Davie. We had hot dogs, ribs, ziti, apple crescent rolls, dump cake, and ambrosia. I love those apple crescent rolls. Then we made, and by "we" I actually mean "my dad," mountain pies. Those were good. After that Mary and I went swimming, but the water was a little too cold, if ya know what I mean... But really, it was. So we came back down to my house and finished watching Zoolander. Then it was time for fireworks. We had some little stuff, like firecrackers, flashers, zpinnie thingies, fountains, etc. Mary and Kelli lit the snakes and I lit the bigger stuff. I also got Sirius radio this weekend. I got the boombox to go with it too. My dad was listening to the original broadcase of "War of the Worlds" on it while we were doing fireworks. I can't wait to install it in my vehicle. But either way this post ends as many do. I spent four days and three nights with Mary, and they were great!


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