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2008-02-28 10:46:00

The Brightness of 1000 Suns

As every photographer knows, properly lighting your subject is, perhaps, the most important part of photography. Without the proper amount of light, you get shadows, dark spots, bright spots, and even a super blurry picture when your camera doesn't capture enough photons. Yes, I said photons, deal with it.
So anyway, I decided that I needed something to light the things I want to take pictures of. I searched eBay and finally found a brand new softbox for around $150. Is it a good one? I don't know. I know nothing about them other than I need one. But I do know one thing. This thing is brighter than 1000 suns. I was seeing spots all evening. It lit up my living room brighter than daylight. The pictures don't do it justice.



2008-04-09 13:08:10

Conrad says...
I'll make popcorn in anticipation of tennis shoe photos...

This site is riveting.

2008-04-09 13:14:15

Conrad says...
How many colors can these boxes be?

2008-04-09 13:14:36

Conrad says...
Just pink and blue it seems

2008-07-08 05:41:10

Caspar says...
Found link to this post on Revision3 - lights look great, I'm a newbie hoping to create a video podcast (currently do an audio one and looking to upgrade, so to speak!) and want to get something similar.

2008-07-08 06:40:37

slonkak says...
Thanks for visiting! If you don't mind, post the link to your podcast.

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