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2008-02-14 22:44:16

Nike Acquisition

No, I didn't buy Nike. Though, that would be pretty awesome. What actually happened was that I bought new shoes. I've had my current pair of Nike running shoes since 2002. They've done their job well and now the soles are falling off. So I started the search for my next pair of shoes... Nike, of course.
I finally settled on the Nike Saya. I read reviews of Nike's Shox cushioning, all of which said that they suck and gave runners shin splints. That didn't sound too good. But the Saya's don't use the normal, large shox. There are a billion little shox all across the sole. I was able to find reviews of the Saya, in particular, and they all were great. Some people said that their doctor even recommended this shoe because it was the best running shoe and would help with shin splints.
I'm not a runner, so all I care about is that they're comfortable. And they are. They feel like I'm walking on a cloud, a little, springy cloud. Here are some pictures.

Since no websites seem to have a high-res picture of this shoe, here is one in case you were considering buying them.



2008-02-15 15:25:48

Conrad says...
Is this seriously a blog about a shoe purchase?

You, my friend, need laid. So remove the Last Supper, put up a Jimi Hendrix poster, get a kegorator, and have some parties.

FFS man, wtf are you doing with your life?

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