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2005-06-21 23:00:00

A little overdue... sorry.

Whopps. Looks like I forgot to check in for the past month. Lots of stuff has happened.
The week of the 6th I was in Annapolis for work. It was rather cool. We got a new building down there and had to set everything up from scratch: networking, servers, phones, etc. It was extremely warm the first day, mostly because that day was all of the manual labor (racking servers). Everything was going great until mid-week. Wednesday night I told my co-worker that we should be done with everything by Thursday morning. We were that close to being done. But, wouldn't ya know, Thursday morning proved me wrong. Back in Johnstown, Active Directory took a nose dive, thus halting everything we were doing in Annapolis. It turned out to be a DNS problem. Our forest root DNS is housed on a Linux server (with the exception of the _ zones) and the zones weren't transferring between that server and the main DC. Because of stupid DNS, cross-domain computing stopped. That got resolved by lunch, and we finished everything Thursday afternoon. That was a rather valuable experience for me. Although I've done everything on the Windows side before, I spent out-of-work time with people I work with who I usually don't see outside of work. They're normal after all... :)
The 14th and 15th I was in Pittsburgh for work. Although, this wasn't really work. It was for a different project, that was creating a training program for DOC employees. This program included video scenarios, of which I was a part. So I got two days out of the office to act. Nice! I also learned that I'm good at map reading. We didn't know where we were at, and wanted to eat at the Cheesecake Factory. So, I got a Google Map of Pittsburgh and guided us along. Don't burst my bubble, I know a monkey could have done that, but a monkey didn't, I did!
This week I've been working my rear end off. We're getting pounded with HelpDesk calls, and I'm trying to do other infrastructure related things at the same time. There just isn't enough time in a day.
Enough about work... On the 11th Mary and I went to see Picasso at the Lapin Agile at the Mount. I was supposed to be in that play, but because of my work in Annapolis, I had to leave. It was rather good. It's a totally different experience... learning the play, then not being in it and watching from the crowd. A whole new perspective... I'm kind of glad I wasn't in it though. I spent a lot of time with Mary every night I could, and that wouldn't have been possible if I had to go to play practice.
Speaking of Mary, I guess I could talk a little about our relationship. Although our lives are not an open book (let me tell ya, I could write a couple novels though) I can speak generally. We spend a lot of time together on the weekends. She comes to my family functions and I go to hers. Actually, I went to a planning meeting for her family reunion. It turns out, all of her family likes me. They think I fit right in. Awesome! My family loves Mary. She stays at my house so much people have joked about us adopting her. Though, that would be VERY weird. I would be dating my adopted sister. Ewwwww. Ok, forget that. Maybe we'll just get married and get our own place, no adopting necessary.


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