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2007-11-12 23:07:19


The wind howled as if Old Man Winter was right outside the front door. The trees shook, leaves disconnecting themselves and flying into neighboring yards. They pass in front of the lamppost creating the illusion of flickering light, an illusion usually created when a being passes between the lamppost and the house on it's way to the door. Kevin, however, was not expecting any visitors this late at night. The wind suddenly picked up and the storm door shuddered. Though no one was outside, the sound filled Kevin's head with thoughts of some horrifying, murderous character trying to break in.
He sat on his love seat, the left side, with an empty glass to his right, which previously contained Sam's Cola. Directly in front of him was the front door, outside of which was the imaginary murderer. Two lights were all that lit the living room, all that lit the house. To Kevin's left was the kitchen, the dark kitchen, which could barely be seen through his peripheral vision.
Kevin quickly turns his head and tries to focus on the door leading to the garage. It takes some time before the door comes into focus due to the extremely low lighting in the kitchen. His heart pounding, Kevin stares at the door, waiting for the murderer who was once at the front door to come crashing through the kitchen door.
No murderer. Still, Kevin stares at the door. Once convinced there was no one in the garage, he slowly turns back to the television.
This time it was louder than before. The noise, though, sounded familiar to Kevin. Slowly, he leans forward, pushes down the foot rest, and starts to move toward the kitchen. The thought of opening the kitchen door to find something other than his vehicle was too much. That, coupled with the realization that the cracking sound was most likely plastic buckling under extreme cold, led Kevin to investigate the refrigerator first.
He grabbed the handle and slowly pulled, breaking the air tight seal and opening the door. Grabbing the container, Kevin let out the air, hoping that would stop the cracking. Satisfied, he made his way back to the living room.
No sooner did he sit down, another sound emerged, again from the kitchen. It was the stereotypical ghost noise. Louder, louder, louder! Finally it reached it's highest pitch, a pitch it would hold for what seemed like forever. Where was the origin of this noise? The usual places were still in play: the kitchen, the garage, the dining room. But the ghostly noise seemed to be coming from the basement stairs.
Those stairs were blocked by a bi-folding door that was currently closed. Still shaken from the thought of some horror movie character in the garage, Kevin was not going to touch that basement door.
Again, he rose from the love seat. This time his heart was beating uncontrollably. A warm sensation, starting in his chest, slowly flowed to his extremities. As he walked past the basement door, he swallowed. His heart dropped as he imagined the door opening to reveal a translucent, man-shaped being standing on the top step. The being opened it's eyes and stared straight ahead, appearing to look right through Kevin. It's mouth enlarged and an ear-piercing wail filled the room. It was at that moment that everything for Kevin went black.
Coming back from his delusion, Kevin continued past the basement door. The sound of the ghost became louder. Hearing it from his right ear, Kevin moved toward the refrigerator. He placed his ear on the door. Nothing. Moving to the left, he placed his ear on the freezer door. Jackpot! He opened the door, expecting to be overwhelmed by some ghostly figure. Instead, the cry became louder. With his head almost completely inside of the freezer, Kevin found the source of the noise. It wasn't a ghost, it was the ice maker filling up with water.
Relieved, Kevin made the walk back to the love seat. He sat down and focused on the television, trying to forget the ghoulish creatures of his imagination. Time seemed to pass more slowly. The ticking of the clock on the wall grew louder. Kevin blinked and when his eyes opened his heart dropped again. There in front of him was the murderous character from the garage and to his left the translucent, man-shaped being from the basement. Ear-piercing wails combined with low-pitched growls filled the room, paralyzing Kevin. All at once the creatures lunged toward him and... darkness.



2007-11-13 18:11:49

Conrad says...
Yeah, life gets different when you leave home.

The feeling of being alone, the uncertainty, and the thrilling sensation of having to make decisions on your own can be frightening.

You are growing up so fast. Soon you might even be kissing girls!

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