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2005-05-13 23:00:00

Could my life get any better?

Well, my day started out with a nice greeting from the other side of the world. Since Thailand is 11 hours ahead of us, I was waking up as Mary was getting ready for sleepy time. I talked to her for forever. I love talking to her. Even though she's thousands of miles away, we get closer everytime we talk. But guess what? She's coming back! She'll be home in time for my last play performance of the summer (June 11) and we're going to the Def Leppard / Tesla concert in Pittsburgh!!! I can't wait for her to get back. I miss her so much. But I had to end our conversation short (she stayed up til about 3:30AM talking to me, don't ya just love her!) because I had to get ready for church and our little outing.
It's a custom that when someone graduates the family gets together for dinner. So my whole family, and I mean everyone, plus some of my friends got together at Anthony's for dinner. It was my graduation/birthday dinner (I turn 21 Wednesday). I don't think anyone realizes how much it means to me that they were there. I could have gotten no gifts, and it would have been worth it. But I did. My sister got my the LED mousepad from ThinkGeek and my parents got me (for starters) the Eluminx keyboard from ThinkGeek. Now my entire desk glows blue! I'm not sure what they still have coming for me... As for everyone else, I only asked for money. I mean, the stuff I buy is so expensive, I would never expect anyone to buy any of it for me. So I'm in the black $4.75E^2. Woohoo! That'll cover not even half of what my monitor costs.
But all in all, it was a great night. My family got to hear of our office hijinks and how we beat the crap out of each other on a regular basis. Seriously though, it's a wonder we haven't been fired yet. But honestly, as great as the party was, everything is overshadowed by Mary. I miss you!!!


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