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2007-09-26 22:02:02

Chuck: My New Favorite Show?

Ever since the second season of Alias, that was my favorite show. Why not the first season? Before episode 1 when I first saw the preview of a girl wearing a red wig kicking people I thought it would be stupid. I was wrong. That put Jennifer Garner at the top of my favorite act{or,ress} list. I watched religiously... until it went off the air in 2006 after 5 seasons. There was a void in my TV watching schedule. Alias had everything I like in TV, spies, action, and Jennifer Garner. That was gone.
Sometime in 2007 I began seeing previews for a new show that involved spies, action, and a pretty, Jennifer-Garner-esque girl. It looked to be more comedic though. I didn't know if I'd really like it. Can comedy co-exist with the seriousness of national security? Will the acting be remotely comparable to what Jennifer Garner and the rest of the Alias cast brought to that show?
I missed the first episode this past Monday, but soon realized that I may have made a mistake. Anxiously I waited for the morons at NBC to get the episode uploaded to their full episode player.
After teaching tonight, I arrived home to find that it was there, waiting for me... staring me in the face, like a spy right before he kills you with an ordinary household object. The only thing that was killed was my misconception about this show. For the first time I realized that there were 4, not 3, things I like about TV: spies, action, the pretty girl being the spy, and comedy. Alias didn't have a lot of comedy, but at the time I didn't know I needed it. "Chuck" made me realize that I do need it. I do need that one extra thing.
Could it be that I am releasing my hold of Alias as my favorite show? Time will tell. But one thing's for certain, if it only gets better from here, "Chuck" will be the best show on TV.


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