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2007-08-05 21:14:43

Josh Groban Concert

Josh Groban came to the Mellon Arena Saturday, August 4. Back in April when I heard the tickets were going on sale, I immediately went to Ticketmaster's website. Problem was, the tickets weren't actually on sale. They were on pre-sale. That meant that only people with the code (people who pay the membership fee to be in the Friends of Josh Groban club) could get tickets at that time. All others would have to wait a week. Well, I wanted tickets and I didn't want to sign up for any club. So what did I do, I started guessing the code. I tried the normal things, Groban, JoshGroban, MellonArena, etc. Then I decided to try album names. The obvious choice, Awake. Low and behold, that was it. I had first dibs on the tickets since I got in at 10:01 AM and the tickets went on pre-sale at 10 AM.
At other concerts I have been to my seats were either wooden chairs or standing. I did not want that for this concert. So I got the most expensive tickets I could get. They were Igloo Club seats. At the time, I didn't really know what that meant. I just knew that they were good seats.
So I asked Heather if she wanted to go, and she said she would. Since she lives in Morgantown, she drove herself and was going to meet me there. She got there around 7:30 PM. I also was going to try and be there at 7:30, but I got lost trying to get around the tunnel detour, ending back at the exact detour I wanted to avoid. So I got there around 8. That wasn't a big deal, since I was only missing the opening act.
Anyway, the concert was awesome. He did most of the songs from his new album and a few from his older ones (Remember When It Rained, You Raise Me Up, Canto Alla Vita, and Alle Luce Del Sole). In the middle of the concert, Josh left the stage and let Lucia Micarelli do a solo, which started as a nice classical piece but ended as Kashmir by Led Zeppelin. After that, another song started, you heard Josh singing, but he wasn't on the stage. He was, however, on the big screens. I saw on the screen that there was a spotlight on him, so I looked around to find any beams of light. I saw it, and it was pointed above me. I looked up, and Josh was at the top of the Arena walking down the aisle (about 15 seats to my right) while singing. He continued down the whole way to the floor where he walked up the center of the floor to the stage. That was awesome.
He did three encores, which caught me by surprise. Heather and I started walking out (actually, I went to the bathroom) after the second encore, thinking that was it. While I was in the bathroom I heard everyone scream. He came back out and started singing Awake (my favorite of his newer songs). So I came out of the bathroom and Heather and I walked back up the steps to watch him sing that song.
After the concert was finally over, we decided to walk around the arena since traffic was horrible in the parking lots. We let the traffic die down, then made our way to our hotel. We decided to get a room for the night, since we both had about two-hour drives home. We checked in and decided we were hungry. We stayed at the Hampton Inn, which was located right beside the Strip. Figuring that there would be food in the Strip, we walked out in search of food. That was quite scary. It was like a scene from Fast and the Furious combined with some back-alley murder movie. But we made it past all of the clubs since we didn't want to be in _that_ scene, we just wanted food. We turned a corner, thinking we'd head down the next street, when I looked up and saw the sign for the Primantti Bros. We stopped there and ate and had a drink, walked back to the hotel, yada yada yada, I went to church at 12 the next day and went home ;)



2007-08-06 07:41:04

anonymous says...
I wonder what "yada, yada, yada" means????

2007-08-06 11:45:59

Goosemosis says...
I think yada means sex, thus he got laid three times that night.

2007-08-15 13:11:18

Jacoby says...
You can't yada sex! Who yadas sex?

2007-08-21 13:38:49

Anonymous says...
he'd only know how to have sex if there were a command prompt or he could ssh in, other than that...forget about it.

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